Adirondack Vacation

Quick post today, with a few pics to share from my recent Adirondack vacation.

DSC_0006That’s me standing in front of one of the battlefields in Saratoga, at the National Park there.  We took the driving tour, which usually costs $5 per car, but Humana sponsored everyone for the tour the day we were there, so it was FREE! Thank you, Humana!

DSC_0021Look at that sky.  These are the hills around Saratoga, NY. Gorgeous!

DSC_0024Saratoga Race Track was closed for the season, but we stopped and took a pic anyway.  The off season workers were blaring the radio while they made repairs, so I danced along to their tunes while I was snapping pics.  Notice: Pallets to the left of the circle. They were working hard.

DSC_0031A shot of the track at Saratoga.

DSC_0026We had beautiful weather the entire time we were in NYS. Again with the skies!

DSC_0032Lake George looking toward Vermont.  It was chopping at the Million Dollar Beach on Monday.

DSC_0045The view from Prospect Mountain Park, Lake George, NY.

DSC_0046Checking out the pulley that brought a passenger car up the steep mountain back in the day. There was a hotel on top of the park. Passage by tram was fifty cents; as I understand it, a day’s wages back then.  What a site from up above the lake!

DSC_0061Vermont in the background, from the parking lot of Prospect Mt.

DSC_0050When we visited the Prospect Mountain Park last year, Bob and I walked all over, climbed the rocks at the pinnacle, took tons of pics, and walked back down, but my mom and sister couldn’t manage that this trip.  Instead, we rode up on the shuttle and came back down that way. I was sad to miss the hiking trail, which is only a four-minute walk downhill, but I will do it again another time.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the time away with my mom and sister that this trip provided, I really missed being there with my hubs.  I did a lot of stopping, hopping, snapping pics, and getting back in the SUV on my own this time around. Mom and Sis just didn’t feel well enough to move around a lot. We did, however, see some glorious countryside while we traveled the highway in the Adirondacks.  Next week I will share pics taken in the Schroon Lake and Lake Placid areas, including a few I got at the Olympic Training Center.  How they got all those Olympic competitors out into Lake Placid to do the winter games there, I do not know.

One thing is for sure–The Adirondacks have the power to take your breath away.  If you ever get the chance to go, do it.  You won’t be disappointed, if the great outdoors is what you seek.

My one regret: not getting to kayak on some of these lakes/ponds/water ways.

Have you ever visited upstate New York?  What did you do there, or what would you like to do if you get the chance to visit in the future?