Dental Trifecta

000kid at dentistYesterday morning I embarked on Part 2 of my Adventures in Dental Horrors.

The Good News: 

1. I had no pain during the second drilling out of root canal materials. Yay!

2. I did not have to pay for this second reaming process.

The so-so, not good, or horrible news:

I am apparently now involved in the Trifecta of Root Canal Procedures!

Yes, you heard me right.  I am scheduled to go back for my THIRD rooting out on November 4th.

I wish I could say this is over, but alas, it is not.

Needs to focus on going forward:

1. The dissolving of the calcification in that stubborn third root canal system.

2. A final procedure to be done Nov 4.

3. A complete healing of the tooth, with or without a complete/successful root canal reaming.

4. Strength of character to get through yet another dreaded root canal procedure.

Remember, for me these things are always done the old way with the rusty tools!

[for those new to my blog, that’s my humorous way of conveying to others how often these things don’t get resolved easily for me.]

Funny story:

Yesterday morning I read two devotionals before heading out to my appointment; both addressed the concept of being grateful.

Ha! I’m trying… I really am. 😉

The saga continues…

What funny dental horror stories have you been known to tell, but wish you hadn’t experienced them?  How do you remain grateful in the midst of trying circumstances?


5 thoughts on “Dental Trifecta

  1. You asked. The worst dental experience I ever had was a root canal! It’s the only time that I was caused so much pain, and I didn’t punch the perp. I will never go back to that guy! Also, as a kid I had all my dental fillings done with no local anesthesia! That was really frightening.I have thought about finding that guy and telling him off, however, I recently read a study where the researchers felt that giving a kid local anesthesia can damage the development of the teeth. So I may give him a pass on this one.

    • My first root canal was awful, so you can imagine the fears I had going into this one, and then to have this ONE turn into THREE! Yikes!!!

      I so get that urge to push them in the face! Yeah, that I understand. 😉

      When I was about eleven (I’m guessing), my mom and dad, who were divorced, decided to fight over who would pay for dental bills. My father lost, and so he took me to a dentist I did not know, who pulled a molar!!!!, and I got a dry socket and stayed in bed for three days afterward, at my grandmother’s house. My mom knew none of this! After that, she handled all my dental procedures with her dentist and paid out of pocket. I have good reasons for being a dental phobic, but it sounds like you might too!

  2. Everything related to dental treatments is a big fat horror show for me … I’m sending you lots of strength and good wishes for the 3rd treatment. It’s going to be a piece of cake.

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