Cyber Cliques

000blogginSometimes I get frustrated with the blogs I visit and the bloggers who write them.

Sometimes I feel like blogs are exclusive.

Sometimes I feel like I’m on the outside, looking in, even though I comment on what is posted.  Why don’t these bloggers comment on my comment.

Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes I feel like I should stop visiting these sites.

Sometimes I wish I could find suitable replacements.

When I find a blogger who actually responds to his or her blogging audience, individually, I’m thrilled.  !!!!

Note: The above thrilling exclamation points!

I come to cyber spaced BlogVille seeking community.

I think it’s a shame when bloggers work hard for a while to gain a following, then ignore new readers.

Mean Girls!!!

I guess I would say I don’t mind it so much if the blogger treats everyone in like manner.  I notice, though, when they don’t.

When have you felt like a blog you frequented was turning cliquish?  What do you do to make sure that doesn’t happen when you post to your blog?


4 thoughts on “Cyber Cliques

  1. It’s a problem, no doubt. I guess I treat blogs the way I treat friends. I visit the ones I like regardless, but undoubtedly the friends who interact and reciprocate will become more like able. The blogs that don’t eventually slide off the radar.

    • That is what I have done too, dropped some sites because of what feels like an unwillingness to interact. The non-responders remind me of mean girls in high school. Why not make your blog private if you’re not going to get involved with those who regularly comment on your page? Makes lil sense to me. :/

  2. I always answer my commenters and visit their blogs if they have one. I do like the interaction. I will comment on other blogs, but if they never visit mine I usually stop. Yes, I’ve seen the clique thing, but as a guy, I’m usually in the minority anyway, except on the martial arts sites.

    • You do a great job of interacting with your audience. Maybe the BEST job I have seen; at least top three!!! I appreciate that about your blog, plus all the super keen things I learn from you. Yours is not a clique site. Thank you for that!

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