ThreeGoals-AlternativeMy Three Goals for last week were these:  Exercise for seven minutes each morning, before doing anything else…Eat a veggie wrap for breakfast five out of seven days… Publicly acknowledge three people on social media or my blog.

How I did:

Goal No. 1, check, and double-check.  Most mornings I did more than seven minutes of exercise,but all mornings this week I did at least seven minutes.  Yay!

Goal No. 2. Check!  I did not eat my veggies in a wrap, but I’m still giving myself a gold star for my eating this week. I did have whole and raw veggies every day this week for breakfast and lunch, along with whole grain toast or bread of some kind in the morning.  I thought this one would be harder to achieve, but it was not.  Yay!

Goal No. 3. This was the hardest one of all for me to accomplish. Go figure.  I had this sense this week that people didn’t want to be acknowledged on social media, and I listened to that impression, mostly.  I did applaud the help I had received from a few people, but honestly, I felt awkward singling some folks out while ignoring others. Maybe that’s why more people don’t give those attaboys we all like to receive.  In any case, this didn’t feel like a habit-building activity to me, so I will not be setting it as a goal again.

I will continue to acknowledge others privately or in small groups, but not in a way that hinders relationships. I want to help, not harm, with my kudos. Trying to be sensitive toward others.  I did do three acknowledgements, but I felt just so so about them.

This week’s teeny, tiny goals:

  1. I will complete another 7N7 challenge; seven minutes of exercise in the morning, for seven days.

2. I will continue to eat raw veggies with a lil bit of protein every day for both breakfast and lunch.

3. I will reduce my daily caloric intake by 100 calories each day. Working my way down slowly, hoping to be at 1500 calories per day by Christmas.  I will accomplish this through meal planning.

In related news:

I am really beginning to love my early morning exercise routines, and I’m feeling stronger because of them. I hurt less during the day and I ache less at night.  I feel confident that I can continue to do seven minutes or more each morning, and I am excited to see how this teeny, tiny goal will work to shape the rest of my day, achieving each goal early in the morning.

I feel like a true habit is being formed through these exercise routines.

My slacks continue to feel loose on me.  I also wore a pair of pants twice this week that had been too uncomfortable to wear over the last six months.  Woohoo!

The scale still refuses to cooperate, and still insists that I have not lost any weight.  I spit at you, scale.  Keep this up and I will hide you from view or toss you away.  What do I get from you, if not good news? 

Regarding the scale: I am not seriously agitated about the number on my scale not going down.  I believe that if I continue to do the right things every day, that will change.  Right now, my focus is on changing my daily behaviors to ensure that I am not living a lifestyle that is contrary to my goal of losing more weight and getting healthier.  If you didn’t see my post on “lifestyle” you can read that here.

I helped my SIL pack up her kitchen on Tuesday night, in anticipation of the big move.  She is leaving the city and coming back to her country roots. Yeehaw!  She is moving to a six-acre lot right around the corner from our property.  She, and her dog, horses, and cowboy boots. We couldn’t be more excited for her.

I did not feel sore after helping Linda pack, and it felt good to be able to do it without the pain I usually feel when pushing and shoving stuff around.  We are both hopeful that her move to our neighborhood will mean increased activity for both of us. We are planning many walkabouts with the dogs this fall.  Maybe some zumba during the winter months…  We’ll see.

All in all, I am finding that my goals are helping greatly to keep me present and accountable.  I am seeing progress, and that’s exciting!

What goals will you set for yourself this week?  What accountability factors have you put in place to ensure you don’t slack on your efforts to reach your goals?