Love Notes and Scribbled Blessings

DSC_1403This was the note that was scribbled on my activity board when I arrived home last Friday.

My honey wrote it there.

He squeezed it in on the side of all those notes I scrawl to remind me to pray for others, to be focused in my approach to life, to aim at what I’m shooting for–my goals in life.

He “gets” me and he loves me, even on those bad hair days and when the dirty clothes pile up.

He loves me when I repeat myself one too many times.

He loves me when I’m gone four nights out of five and he has to forage for food on his own.

He loves me when the rest of the world seems like one long, bloated, boring testament to dullness, and me, it’s dullest contributor.

He loves me!

He makes me believe in grace.

He helps me own worth.

He reminds me that I have a God watching out for me.

He is in this for the long haul, and I am beside him, and together we are blessed.

Imperfect, sure, but pretty dang good together!

Everyone should have a guy or gal in their life that leaves love notes for them to find when they come home from a long day’s work.  I feel pretty lucky that I found mine early in life.

When have you left a note for your love all the while smiling because you know when he or she finds it, its gonna make all the difference in their day?  When have you gotten a love note that meant the world to you?

6 thoughts on “Love Notes and Scribbled Blessings

    • My hubs and I used to text love notes to each other during the day. That kinda dropped off once he quit his 9 to 5 to begin helping others with projects they can’t handle alone. He’s such a good guy!

      Still, it feels good when the phone lights up and I see a love note waiting for me beyond that digital screen. So. Much. Fun!

  1. It’s so cute that – after all this time – you still write love notes to each other!
    My boyfriend and I also do this when we have a different schedule over the day and don’t see each other, and most of them go on the fridge since I like to look at them as often as possible. I hope we’ll still be doing this later in life. It’s such a nice thing and it definitely makes the day better.

    • I know, right? I felt so loved when I saw that, and from him. He’s not much of a writer, but he is a true romantic. When it comes to love, he definitely is wayyy better at expressing it than I am. He is my teacher in this arena of life, and I, his lucky student.

  2. That’s beautiful!! Yes, I have this in my life also. My only problem with notes is I can’t seem to plan ahead enough not to hit the edge of the paper before I get the whole word in 🙂 Funny, my spatial abilities are good with everything else.

    • So glad you have that connection with another special someone. Ain’t love grand?!

      You’ll have to practice a lil more with those love notes to get the spacing right. I’m betting your Love won’t mind at all!

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