8 Ways To Break a Plateau

000weight-loss-clinic-los-angeles-australia-plan-eating-127198The following has been borrowed from a lil book I have by Jonny Bowden PhD, CNS, entitled:  The Best of the Rogue Nutritionist, Vol. 1

8 Ways to Break a Plateau

1. Be a calorie detective.
2. Change up your calorie count.
3. Exercise a temporary ban on certain foods.
4. Kick it up a notch, or three (talking about exercise).
5. Revisit strength training.
6. Up your protein intake.
7. Try a gentle detox.
8. Do a personal inventory.

Numbers 1-6 above seem pretty self explanatory.

Numbers 7 and 8 are about fasting, and other things that interfere with weight loss, like lack of sleep, too much stress, and some medications you may be taking.

This lil book is full of practical information that is helping me to change things up with my routines.

What’s your number?  What did you do to break through a plateau you experienced in the past?


4 thoughts on “8 Ways To Break a Plateau

  1. Great information that the laymen can easily understand. These type of suggestions gain a lot of credibility with other readers because they come from people like themselves.

    Side Note: My writing and comments will be spotty until the beginning of October. My mother just passed and I am helping my father with the process. Wanted to make certain you didn’t think I abandoned your site.

    • I wondered if you were vacationing… I wish it had been for that reason that you had been absence from the site the last week or so!

      Please accept my condolences on your mom’s passing. I am sure she will be dearly missed, and that your father is benefiting greatly by your standing at his side in this time of sadness. You will be in my thoughts daily during this time. Praying for you all!

  2. Lori, do you feel you are at a plateau? From following your site for a while I feel you have a lifestyle. If you want something else you will have to change your lifestyle. I suppose my answers seem too strict, for example, you mentioned the other day that you had a bagel for breakfast and it was allowed. Then you mentioned that you still crave processed carbs. It’s like a heroin addict doing heroin once in a while and wondering why they still crave heroin. If you are trying to make new habits, you must extinguish the old ones. If that is too much trouble, then don’t beat yourself up over it, just accept what you can not change.

  3. L says:

    Dr J: I wrote a long reply to your comment here and the WP gremlins took it away. Figures! Maybe I will address some of your observations in a future post, probably a better way to go, since the response was so very long. Suffice it to say here that I value your comments, find them honest and heartfelt, find them pointed (and maybe painful, at times but that’s just cuz I’m a girly wimp), and also and most important, find them beneficial. It’s good sometimes to see myself through others eyes.

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