Staying Focused by Setting Goals

000Setting-Blogging-Goals-is-Very-Important-make-things-happenFocus matters!

It matters because all decisions start in the mind, then translate to the body, and eventually, when the same action is taken enough times in succession, a habit forms.

Habits are good and they matter.

Goal setting is also good, and therefore goal-setting matters to me!

It matters enough that I make set three teeny, tiny goals in place each week and then work to make sure I am true to them.

It matters enough that I eek time out of my Monday evening schedule to meet with my supporters; a group of women who are trying, like me, to live a better life. I do this every Monday, without fail, unless I am sick or out of town.

Goal-setting matters enough that I put a lil sign with googly eyes on my kitchen table this week, so that I will be reminded when I sit down at night to “watch it” with my portion sizes.

It matters enough that when I went out to eat with others this weekend, I gave careful consideration to what the restaurant menus had to offer, and then I ordered either on-menu or off-menu to meet my own nutritional and caloric needs.  While others ate heavy pasta and cheese-smothered entrees last night, I had soup and salad.  I wanted more, but I knew my body didn’t need it, so I took my leftovers home to hubs.  He enjoyed them very much.

Goal setting matters enough that I spent part of my lunch hour at work today shopping for raw and real fruit to eat, and when I had a wrap at a fast food drive-thru I told them to hold all the sauces.  They said, “Even the garlic sauce?”  I said, “Yes, all sauces.”

These things are lil disciplines attached to goals that I would not have included in my daily eating schedules prior to finding out that I had type 2 diabetes.  Now, eating right and exercise are paramount to staying healthy.  These disciplines are literally life-saving devises/efforts I make to continue living with T2D without taking heaps of medication for the disease each day.

Staying on track matters!

Exercise matters!

Healthy lives matter!

What one thing do you do for yourself daily that matters to your quality of life?  When did achieving a goal you had for yourself fill you with joy and expectation?


5 thoughts on “Staying Focused by Setting Goals

    • L says:

      A quiet grinder? I don’t perceive you as being that way. Succinct, yes; exacting, certainly; grinding, maybe, but quiet? Hmmm, I will have to think on that for a while. 😉

  1. Even the garlic sauce?! You’re really good with staying true to your approach and I’m glad to hear it’s working for you. In terms of food I would fall of the band wagon in no time 😀

    The one thing I do for myself daily is to mute my phone, disable all unnecessary notifications and schedule my social media time. It really used to stress me out that something was beeping and buzzing all the time and I often found myself reading Facebook and blogs for hours instead of doing anything useful. Now that I scheduled this kind of stuff, I feel calmer, it’s easier for me to just “switch off” and I became more productive. Which makes me quite happy 🙂

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