ThreeGoals-AlternativeIt’s Thursday, and time again to report on my three goal experiment. Let me say at the outset, things went really well with this week’s goals.

Let me repeat that, for it bears repeating:


My goals this week included a 6N6 challenge, wherein I committed to eating oatmeal for breakfast six times this week and exercising every morning for six or more minutes. I am happy to say I did both!!! One day I ate a bagel for breakfast, but that was allowed. I also did at least six minutes of exercise every morning, some of that being done with my adorable wee ones in the north-country helping me. We cranked up the music and all of us danced through at least three songs. It was fun getting better with those I love most in the world.

My third goal last week was to pay close attention to portion sizes, and to again put my measuring cups on the kitchen table. I did it!

I paid close attention to portion sizes even though it was the Labor Day weekend. Yay, me! I also put the measuring cups on the table, but they were snatched away again. What is with these MC fairies at my house? Why do they continue to steal my stuff? All I can say about that is that when you’re trying to get healthy you have to remember two things.

2 Things you must remember while getting healthy:

1. You will have to learn to maneuver around the obstacles that will be put in your way.

2. There will always be obstacles put in your way. Think creatively and have fun pushing them aside—that is my suggestion.

I’m especially encouraged by the completion of my three goals this week!

Why? Because as I said earlier, this past weekend was Labor Day; a day that is traditionally a high volume food occasion for many. Being the last of the summer wine, as it is, Labor Day is usually packed with picnics, eating out, over eating, and eating with friends, which I like to call Unconscious Eating. Not good for a food-obsessor like myself. Thankfully, I was able to plan ahead and pack prebaked oatmeal to carry with me on this trip. That helped, a lot. I was also able to walk and play, jump and dance with my family to the north. I feel I did exceptionally well this week with my teeny goals. Woohoo, so psyched about the progress being made because of these weekly incentives.

What is my general feeling about this goal-setting, habit-forming crusade I’m on? Just this…

I am still not feeling a full-fledged habit formed around my exercise time in the morning.  I also still feel the pull to eat simple carbs (bagels) for breakfast, so I will continue my goal to eat complex carbs (oatmeal), for breakfast, instead.

In the interest of being honest about my goals…

I want to report that I have seen no additional weight loss as a result of me completing my goals this last month. Keep in mind, though, I am on a quest to gain more than a smaller number on the scale with this experiment. I am also hoping to teach myself how to consistently apply good habits to my health journey, including: feeding my body right, moving my body daily, and giving my body what it needs to function at a higher level and therefore heal quicker. I will say that I have experienced less problems with dramatic BGL shifts since beginning this habit forming behavior, so I am very happy with that development.

This week’s three goals:

1. Another 6N6 challenge: Eat oatmeal 6 times a week and exercise 6 times this week for 6 minutes each morning before doing anything else.

2. Pay close attention to portion sizes, putting a humorous sign on the kitchen table to remind me to “watch it” at dinner time, and to keep the measuring cup fairies at bay.

3. Practice ordering what I want and not just what I see on the menu when I eat out this week. I have a full weekend of plans with others. At least two of those occasions will include eating out. When I eat out, I will consciously focus on ordering off the menu for my goodness, instead of eating foods that don’t help me with my recovery.

What efforts will you make to be conscious about your eating this week? What habit would you like to develop that you don’t have a handle on now?

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