health isn’t just about good food and exercise

000oatmeal2Oatmeal for breakfast–Check

7 minutes of exercise first thing-Check

Drugs for tooth, down-Check

So far, so good.  And thusly we begin the holiday weekend.

A crazy drawing to brighten your day.  Especially for you nascar fans!

000racing sharkThe dreaded “racing shark”.  An original with one of my guys.  Ha! This contender is all business, is he not?  Even though he’s mean lookin’, he makes me smile.

Finally, a Funny Friday Story: Someone on my staff called in today saying he was going to take a vacation day because he’s, “…stranded here at home.  The person who drove the car yesterday didn’t put the keys where they should be and I can’t find them, so I figured I might as well take a vacation day.”



Ridiculous! Why can’t guys just own their late night folderols?

What crazy, concocted stories have you heard as excuses for not coming to work? When you knock off early on Friday, what is your most likely plan for the rest of the day?

2 thoughts on “health isn’t just about good food and exercise

  1. Hahahaha! Love the story and the shark!!!
    I guess the most common stories for getting a day off is pulling a sicky, so I mostly just know boring stories of colleagues calling in and trying to mimic a cough in the morning, but hope you didn’t see them on the party at the same night.
    Usually, I try and meet with family or friends or just go out and explore a place I haven’t been before or not that often.

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