ThreeGoals-AlternativeGood morning, September. So nice to see you! 

Things are warming up and cooling down at the same time in NEPA these days. Funny how that happens in the fall.  Leaves are dropping from the trees, pollen is everywhere, and I am getting ready to head north, to the big Rochacha, for our Labor Day with the wee ones.  Before I go, I wanted to share with you my progress with my goals this week and set new goals for the week to come.

I’m sure this goal list is getting pretty tiresome for a few of you, but hey, I only post my goals once a week, and it is working wonders for me.  I’m seeing both resistance and compliance in my daily work to achieve these goals, and I’m excited to be learning more about myself as I progress through my list each week.

My three teeny, tiny goals this week were to…

—Continue eating fiber in the morning.

—Exercise for 5 minutes upon rising each morning.

—Put my measuring cups on the kitchen table to remind myself to watch (measure) my portions this week.

How did I do?

I saw less success with goal No. 1 this week.  I ate my oatmeal less days, ate veggies for breakfast zero times, and felt like I let this goal slip a bit this week–mainly because there was so much going on in the early mornings.  I live in the middle of the boonies, so I have to drive everywhere I go (15 min minimum to get anywhere), and because I had appointments two days before work, and I got up late once, oatmeal was out of the question on those time sensitive days.

The reason for this? 

Lack of planning on my part.  I did not bake my oatmeal over the weekend, which meant it was not conveniently ready to travel before work each day. Lesson learned!  For 3 days this week I did not eat oatmeal. I am committed to doing better over the next 7 days.

I did exercise for at least five minutes every morning this week, so goal No. 2 went well.  I also did the Tai Chi exercises, but found there is a learning curve to these.  I’m still at it, and I’m hopeful, but learning to do this dance is not going to be easy. I thought I was more coordinated than is true.  Who knew?!  And I may be a bit rhythm-challenged, too. Ha! Really, I should tape this and send it to America’s Funniest Videos. Their audience would laugh and laugh.

One very positive note on the exercise front:

I walked with my SIL 3 times this week after work, in addition to my morning exercise.  I also walked alone after work twice.  This is progress. Gotta love it!  I think that morning exercise is inspiring my body to want to do more.  Go figure.

I also feel good about goal No. 3, of setting my measuring cups on the table, but someone took them away, twice.  Regardless, I did give particular attention to portion sizes this week, so I feel like I did well with goal No. 3.

What are my goals for this week?  Just these…

1. I will make a conscious decision and effort to eat my oatmeal this week, at least six days out of seven.

2. I will do 6 minutes of exercise first thing in the morning, before I do anything else.

3. I will again pay close attention to portion sizes this week, again putting my measuring cups on the kitchen table to remind me of this goal.

This week’s goals seem teeny, tiny and repetitive enough to me to be the starters for good habit building.  That being the case, I will continue on with them for another week. My point in making my goals every week and working to achieve them is that I am hoping to create some good habits in my life that will make getting healthy a lil less of an effort, and a whole lot easier.

One challenge I faced this week was that of an abscessed tooth.

As you will remember, I had a problem with a tooth back in May and June and saw the dentist on July 1st, when he did an extensive procedure in his office.  He was hopeful at that time that a root canal would not be necessary; me, not so much. Hoping, yes. Convinced of being able to dodge a bullet, no.  I tell people that with me, medical procedures are always done the old way with the rusty tools.  Its my humorous way of conveying to others how often these things don’t get resolved easily with me.

Anyway, the tooth in question did not get better, though the procedure done on July 1 did a lot of good overall.  By the last week in August I contacted dentist and said, “I know you told me to give it some time, let the tooth heal, but…”  He said, “Come in for an x-ray and we’ll go from there.”

Abscess!  A dirty, stinking rotten, no good abscess was found! Ugh! So now I am on antibiotics for two weeks and then the root canal will be done. Oh, how I dread it. Remember: old way with rusty tools. It will not be easy–never is–but I’m a survivor!  I just loath taking these powerful bacteria killers, because as you know, they not only kill the bad bacteria but the good that live along side them, setting off a series of other problems to be dealt with in turn.  Again, ugh!

I. AM. A. SURVIVOR, though, so I will survive this. I know I will.

What goal do you have in place to ensure your health this week?  What teeny, tiny thing are you willing to do to find yourself feeling better next week?


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  1. I exercise every day in the morning so I guess that’s a goal. I’ve been doing it for so long I don’t think of it as a goal anymore than brushing my teeth. I do a minimum of one hour of intense exercise every day, tooth brushing does not count 🙂

    I am a student here. I don’t believe in the tiny goal approach. If you succeed than I’ll believe. Get through this weekend holiday without problems and I’ll believe.

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