5 Things that Surprised me This Morning

This morning’s exercise routine went well. I got up reluctant, stuck in the Tai Chi DVD I borrowed from the library, fast forwarded through the introduction stuff, and began with some simple movements to warm up before my five minutes of calisthenics.


Five things that surprised me about this morning’s set:

  1.  Simple movements can be difficult to master when they are unfamiliar to you.

2.  Slowing down, when your mind tells you to run, run, run, is not an easy  thing.

3.  Being deliberate and patterned in your movements, while slowing down, takes concentration.

4.  I can see the benefits associated with Tai Chi exercises, but I’m not sure I want to adapt Tai Chi philosophy.

5.  I can be willing to do what I do not want to do, especially when I am convinced that what I do will benefit me and heal my body.

To My Additional Surprise: 

My five minutes this morning turned to seven minutes before I knew it. Coming off an injury that limited my mobility last week, I paid special attention to my body as I exercised this morning, and changed positions and movements when I noticed any pain.  It was a good start to a new program for me.

I have to say I am looking forward (with only the slightest bit of hesitation/apprehension), to learning a routine I can practice every morning going forward.  Anything that keeps me moving without too much pain is a welcome addition to my life.

Have you ever practiced Tai Chi?  When have you surprised yourself during an exercise routine, and how did that feel?


10 thoughts on “5 Things that Surprised me This Morning

  1. My stretching is done throughout my workout. My routine takes a lot of time and I would not be willing to make it longer. I warm up by using light weights and go through slow range of motion repetitions for each body part. I gradually increase the weight until I reach the levels for maximal resistance. I finish my routine with a combination of cardiovascular forms of exercise. I train 5 days a week.
    Never practiced Tai Chi although my wife divorced me for her tai chi instructor. 🙂 That was a long time ago. We are on good terms today. The divorce also gave me a chance to be with THE most special woman in my life today (Elaine, my wife for the last nearly 12 years.) I couldn’t thank my ex-wife more for this opportunity.

    • What a great way to look at a difficult juncture in life. Elaine must be one great gal! I can tell you are a lucky man!!

      Thanks for sharing your exercise routine with my readers and me. I hear a lot about weights, but wonder if my back can take that kinda resistance exercise???

  2. I never tried Tai Chi, but sometimes it’s quite surprising that I’m way stronger than I thought and capable of doing an exercise with more reps or at least better than expected, so it’s funny and also motivating.

    • I agree! When I can perform an exercise for a longer time, or in a better way, I’m excited about it. Those moments of excitement get me more than half the way to goal.

      My problem is I want to “quickly” do it. I need to slow down and move with purpose. Hoping Tai Chi can help me there.

      • I know what you mean with the “quickly do it”. I’m also quite impatient, but the happier when I could calm myself enough to go all the way. I’m sure Tai Chi is an awesome way to slow down a bit. Have fun with it! 🙂

      • I’ve played with the idea of Tai Chi for what, probably two years now. It’s time I give it a fair shake. Maybe it will be the “thing” I’ve been missing and an open door to more productive movements in the future. Here’s hoping…

        At the very least, if Tai chi is not for me, I will have “put it to bed” and gotten out of my system the idea of it.

  3. I did some Tai Chi. Originally, it was a martial art, but modified for political reasons. It’s a moving meditation. Just see it as that. No God would be a rigid as religions seem to want us to think.

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