ThreeGoals-AlternativeGood morning, Thursday!

It’s time to set some goals for the week ahead, but first I’ll go over how I did this past week with my three teeny, tiny goals.

These were my goals:

1.Continued fiber in the morning (eat my oats).

2.Exercise first thing in the morning; this week we take it to 8 minutes.

3.Awareness of portion control while eating and prepping foods.

I did great on goal no. 1.  I think there was one day when I did not eat oatmeal with walnuts for breakfast, or maybe two. The wee ones were in the house this past weekend, so I may have missed one breakfast of cereal while they were there.  Regardless, I feel good about my breakfast fiber this week and the habit I am forming for eating this way in the morning.

I did pretty good with goal no. 3.  I was consciously aware of how much I was eating this week, but still I ate some portions that were larger than they should be. I also fell off the wagon this week. Why is counting calories so hard for me?  Answer pending.  :/

I had problems with goal no. 2 this week. As I reported, I hurt myself while exercising on Friday. Went too far with an exercise routine and pulled a muscle in my hip/lower back that made the weekend a painful event, so I did not exercise either Saturday or Sunday.  I did exercise all other days, but with much less enthusiasm than in the past.  That tells me this goal was not teeny, tiny enough to be doable by me–at least not in a way that is habit-forming and that’s what I’m shooting for with these goals.  I will go back to five minutes of exercise each morning this week, and stay there for a few weeks before I try again to increase my times.

Here are my goals for this week:

Continue eating fiber in the morning. This week I will allow myself to eat either oatmeal or veggies for breakfast.  Either way, I will have low fat milk with my breakfast to get the protein I need and keep blood sugar levels level as possible.

Exercise for 5 minutes upon rising each morning.  I borrowed a Thai Chi DVD from the library and I am going to incorporate that in my morning exercise routine this week, using it to stretch before my calisthenics.

Put my measuring cups on the kitchen table to remind myself to watch (measure) my portions this week. 

I’ve decided that I am also going to go back to having a salad with my evening meal each night. I’ve kinda gotten away from that habit, but need to bring it back, since I feel I need more fiber in my diet than the oatmeal is providing.

What three teeny, tiny goals are you willing to set for yourself this week?  How important is fiber consumption to your daily eating plan and digestion?


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  1. Two ideas for consideration.
    1. Rather than going from the attempted 8 minutes to 5 minutes, why not up it to 6 minutes. This keeps the goal tiny, but mentally provides incentive for gradual improvement rather than status quo. You have already succeeded at the 5 minute marker.
    2. People do not like to consciously record calories if they know they consumed the wrong products or too much. Have you considered using a program like My Fitness Pal. Accountability frequently helps in the decision making process. If you know you have to “enter it”, there is more incentive to avoid eating it.

    • I think there are two problems I am having with the calorie counting. 1. I do not have a smart phone with data package, so I am tied to the computer to get this reporting done, or tablet and pen, which is even worse because of the time consumption when life is busy. 2. I probably need a food fellow to work with me more directly on this portion thing, on a daily basis. You’re right, of course, when you say accountability is paramount. It is! I will consciously think of the solution to this problem. Maybe recording My Fit Pal would work better for me. I have found CC program a bit overwhelming.

      My thought on the exercise was to do five minutes of calisthenics with a warm up and warm down with the Thai Chi video. That will probably mean I’ll move for more than 8 minutes, but you’re right in suggesting that mentally I ought to prepare myself to go forward and not backward. I had not thought of that. Good point, well taken. Thank you!

      Where the mind goes, the body follows!

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