Humor Takes a Wrong Turn

Have you ever posted something in an attempt to be funny, or lighthearted, only to later think, “Wow, that was insensitive”?

Oh, good. I didn’t want to be alone in that.

When have  you opened mouth and inserted foot?  When has a misstep become etched in stone because you wrote it, instead of sharing it verbally?


6 thoughts on “Humor Takes a Wrong Turn

  1. My favorite episode occurred when I went to meet with an organization that addressed childhood obesity. I was discussing various solutions and game plan strategies with them for nearly 3 hours. I came home where my wife asked me how the meeting went. I was excited that the owners were responsive to my suggestions. I told my wife that this offered great opportunities to teach the children’s parents their role in overcoming this condition while having an “opportunity to expose myself to their children.” Obviously, I meant expose my ideas. I hadn’t realized what I said and my wife started laughing. I couldn’t understand why she was laughing. She suggested I consider re-wording this “exposure idea!!” Hence, my foot in mouth experience.

  2. Well I did say orgasm rather than organism to a lab tech one early Sunday morning on rounds after working much of the night.

    My original motto, if you are going to stick your foot in your mouth, shove it all the way to the knee, lol

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