8 Minutes in the Morning

So, today was the first day of my increased exercise routine.

My teeny, tiny exercise goal this week meant pushing five minutes of calisthenics to eight minutes. Teeny, tiny enough, right, but man, I hurt.

I can’t blame the hurt on the increase of three minutes to my morning routine. That would be crazy and insane, right? No, I have been hurting more than usual this week since about Tuesday on, and I’m wondering why.

Could be the weather, which seems to be EVER changing in NEPA.

Could be I’m not stretching enough.

Could be the food…

…but let’s face it, it could be anything.

Regardless, I am determined to do eight minutes of early morning movements every day this week.

I’m nothing, if not stubborn!

The weekend looms and we will have lil guys with us once again.  I love our visits with them, seeing their lil personalities develop, watching them achieve new skills, and their creativity is off the charts.  I think I will close with an example of the same today.  This was drawn by J, he loves dragons and legos, and he draws a Wednesday sketch each week for his daddy’s art blog.

000toothless-and-hiccupThis is Toothless and Hiccup from, How To Train Your Dragon.  Fun, is it not?  J is six years old and will begin first grade this fall.

I’m so blessed!

When do you exercise?  What will you be doing this weekend to move more and eat better?

6 thoughts on “8 Minutes in the Morning

  1. I would stick with the 8 minutes and reduce the stretch and or intensity of the calisthenic. This may help reach the 8 minute mark without the symptoms. You’re right, it could be varying factors, but ruling overstretch and intensity out first helps isolate the problem.

    • I was unable to do the exercise on Saturday or Sunday, still too stiff and painful, but back at it this morning for the full 8 minutes, and I was very careful about what I did and how long I did it, if it hurt. Wish my body could go full-bore, but alas, it cannot. Doing my 8 minutes today and for the rest of the week, then hoping to walk more as fall unfolds.

  2. Actually going from 5 to 8 minutes is a large percentage leap. The recommendation for running is not to exceed 10% more each week. If you find you are continuing to have trouble adapting consider cutting back to six minutes.

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