000chociesWe have so many choices in life.

If we could but see the possibilities,

and trust in our abilities,

we’d be more than half way there!


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    • I’m not sure I can answer that question fully, for I am discovering more things every day that add to my understanding of how to achieve my own best potential. One thing I think is paramount for anyone looking to reach their full potential is a good support system. I lacked that as a kid, mainly because I came from a fractured home. My mom was sixteen when she married, and her mistake at that age (where were the adults looking out for her then?), led to more mistakes later. As you may imagine, the ripples rolled and we kids got caught up in a slurry pond of missed opportunities.

      If I could wish for one thing in this world, it would be that well-informed, achieving, and believing individuals would invest themselves more in the disadvantaged. [You do that well, BTW] It cost so little to share what God has gifted us with, with another. I wish those who have scaled the mountain would more often reach down and give others a boost of encouragement and shared resources, so that they, too, could find the summit.

      Support, encouragement, and insight, mixed with tried and tested knowledge–that’s what I think stretches individual potential and makes realization of the same possible.

      Thank you for asking. Wow, I didn’t know I had that in there. 😉

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