ThreeGoals-AlternativeIt’s that time again–the time when I share with you the honest truth about my three goals for the week.  No worries, its good news this week.

My three goals for this week were to eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning, exercise for five minutes first thing each morning, and affirm to myself the importance of my food choices being different from the choices of others around me, by design.  My design.

I did well on two of the three.

Can you guess which one gave me the most trouble?  Yep, you got.

I had a problem with goal number three.  Actually,  I have to qualify that statement.  I feel good about the conscious awareness of the need I have to eat differently than other people that is the basis of goal no. 3 last week, and I feel good about how I reflected on that all week.  I was also consciously aware of my need to trim portion sizes while eating, so that’s good.  Where I struggled was in making better choices when I ate out.  As you know, that trip to Moe’s was a killer. Eeeekkkkkk!  While I thought I was eating smart with a Moe’s salad, the truth was that the nachos that went with it and the sour cream I used in place of the dressing (trying to make wise choices), did not help me with my calorie count one iota.

Not one iota!  How dare they?!!!

All in all, I am glad with the progress I am making in all three categories represented by my goals: fiber in the morning, exercise each day, and staying aware and positive about the “different” ways I need to eat.

Things I noticed this week…

My slacks are loser for the first time in a long time.  Yay!

I have more stamina.

I’ve been more willing to monitor my portions.

I’ve felt less of a need to obsess about the number on my bathroom scale.

I can actually, really, daily feel the power of habit taking form in my life.

What a glorious thing!!!

Now, for my three goals this week:

1.Continued fiber in the morning (eat my oats).

2.Exercise first thing in the morning; this week we take it to 8 minutes.

3.Awareness of portion control while eating and prepping foods.

That third one is my way of changing up things a lil bit, but still laying down a routine, because that’s the power of habit.  It’s all about doing the same thing, same thing, same thing until my mind automatically says, “yeah, do that.”

Note:  My mind almost never uses exclamation points when coaching me–it knows how resistant I am to that kinda pressure! Still, I am a big fan of the exclamation point in general and when I see winning scenarios at every turn, well, even more so!!!  If you stick around here long, you’ll see them a lot.

I think exclamation points are fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See what I mean?  Now aren’t you glad you didn’t skip this week’s goal list?

One last thing:  I started tracking my calories and weight, fluid intake and observations about my eating at on August 12. Pray I can stay with the program. I start strong, but finish…well, you know.  Hoping I can stick with it this time. I feel it is helping me to stay focused and on track.

Do you use an ap or computer to track your food and activity on a daily basis?  What one action do you take every week that accounts for your success in losing or maintaining a healthy weight?

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  1. I had a story rejected by the site Flash Fiction. They said I used too many exclamation points. I imagine you can guess my reaction to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I use a computer. Consistency is my key.
    You may have had concerns with #3, however, you learned from the process. The more you learn, the more knowledge you have to make decisions. The trick is to use the knowledge to make the best decisions possible and practical.

    • Using knowledge to make better choices is definitely “the trick”. My biggest problem is that I suffer from something I like to call: content amnesia. I have forgotten more than I ever knew, and some of that lost material was valuable. Sigh!

  3. Hi, just wanted to let you know that this is great going. Breaking a bigger goal into smaller goals is a best way to achieve them. I use an app known as pedometer, which I am sure you have heard of. I target 15K steps everyday. Gradually Decreasing volume of food intake is something that has helped me tremendously. Also making sure that I am having adequate protein, carbs and fat everyday has helped me build up my energy stores during the day.

    Holy this piece of information helps. Looking forward to more post from your side. Keep up the motivation for us all.


    • Thank you, Garima, for taking the time to read my blog and post a comment. I am a firm believer that TOGETHER we get better! Two things about me: I love exclamation points, and I love community. Keep coming back, and keep encouraging me and others with your comments. I love hearing from those who are of like mind and on the same path I tread, especially those who have found their way out of the woods.

      Portion control is huge and I’m not really great at it right now, but I’m getting better. My three weekly goals are helping!!

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