Stubborn Change, but Change Nonetheless

000fast foodThis morning I logged my food eaten over the weekend and yikes!



Bamm!!!  Not good.

Okay, now I understand why I am at a stand still with my weight.

I HATE counting calories, but it seems my ability to eye-ball them is defective.  I can’t tell how many whopping calories there are in foods.


Simply am not capable in my present state!

That’s okay, it just means I need to develop a plan for eating on the weekends that is more vigilant than the one I have for week days.

It all makes sense now.


Reminding myself…

Change Is Possible, and the more I want it, the quickly it will come to me.

Today is a new day.  Time for a new plan.  Ready for a new tomorrow.

When have you had to recalculate in order to triangulate a course that will produce a better outcome in the future?  What one or two habits have you adopted for making this process easier?


8 thoughts on “Stubborn Change, but Change Nonetheless

  1. I am in shape and have used a software program to track my eating and exercise since 1995. In general, people are not good at eyeballing calories. Tracking is NOT a punishment. It helps clearly explain what we are doing so we understand any changes needed. Once tracking is recognized as a tool rather than a punishment, it is easier to work with. We don’t view things that help us achieve goals as punishment. A new perspective for success.

  2. One of the most important things for me is to track as soon as I eat the food- not before, not hours later. It’s so easy to mentally round down or guesstimate the number of calories I’ve had… but this just does not lead to success for me. Also, I’ve found that I need to just forget about exercise calories. When I eat them back in, I tend to gain weight. I just look at calories burned during exercise as a nice bonus!

    • I so agree about the exercise calories. I had someone recently say to me, “remember, on the days when you move more, you can eat more.” Yikes, bad philosophy for me to adopt.

      I have to find a way to turn my thinking around about this calorie counting thing. I need to find a way to think positively about it, and not so negatively–that mindset helps me in no way!

      Thanks for commenting. It helps to know I’m not alone and to have other suggestions to ponder and adapt to my program. I need to be more proactive!

  3. Food tracking is always helpful! My Fitness Pal is great for that and is such a handy app. When I was still losing weight (50 pounds total off since 2009), I would always have healthy snacks in my purse so that if I was caught where all I had were bad options at work or while I was out and about, I could get my snack from my bag.
    I also scoped out certain go to places that we ate and knew in my head what were good options based on their nutritional information online.
    Hope this helps!

    • Thank you, Veronica. It helps! My biggest challenge is to remember what I know or have learned about myself and food choices, and to remember that for me, eye-balling it is not an option. I can’t trust my perspective to be right. I think I’m eating healthy, and I am, but healthy foods have calories too and they count. Counting at present–trying to learn how to turn it into a positive in my mind. Any thots on that piece of the puzzle?

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