ThreeGoals-AlternativeIs it possible that another week has ticked by since my last Three Goals Thursday post? How can it be?

This past week I did well with my goals. Admittedly, they were teeny, tiny, and two of them were not really of the habit-forming variety, but rather, things I needed to accomplish and would not have if I had not set a goal to do so.

Here’s how I did.

I ate oatmeal five out of seven days this week. I was lazy one day and didn’t get my oatmeal ready in time before leaving for work.  Another day I fasted during breakfast.  I exercised for five minutes each day before doing anything else. I can feel this becoming and habit for me, and it feels good. I think I will do one or two more weeks of five minute morning routines before stretching that time to ten minutes. It feels like I need that time to get my five minute routine more firmly embedded in my schedule before I move to a longer set.

My ultimate goal with the morning exercises is to train myself to get up early and exercise first thing in the day.  I’m hoping, eventually, to do thirty minutes of exercise in that early morning hour.

I called my PCP and asked for a script for a blood draw and a new appointment time with him. I’m still waiting to get the blood work done, but I have a few more days before week’s end to achieve that goal. He asked me to make the new appointment after the blood draw, so that is on hold for now.

My three goals for this week will be:

  1.  Continue to do the oatmeal for breakfast.

2.  Continue to exercise for five minutes, first thing.

3. Practice affirming for myself that what I eat needs to be different than what others eat, by design.

I’m trying to cut back on my calorie count for each day.  I’m not ready to make a certain number of calories my goal yet, because I know that for me that would create a huge FAIL in my purpose with this experiment, which is to create winning scenarios through the setting of teeny, tiny easily achievable goals.

Why do you think setting a goal and then working to achieve it is important to an individuals personal growth? When have you seen goal setting work in dynamic ways?


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  1. You are achieving more than success; you are achieving awareness and understanding. You are beginning to know where the “current” boundaries are and developing a skill to know when to move beyond them. This creates less fear in “failing.” You have obviously gained strength and confidence in achieving your pursuits. I wholeheartedly believe in you and your continued success.

    For most people written goals are important. It adds a level of accountability because it is not hidden in one’s brain. We are creatures that require motivation achieved through positive AND negative reinforcement. I believe it is best described as being HUMAN.

    Dynamic change is inevitable. We can try to combat the process and expend a great deal of energy and effort, or embrace the experience and grow from its outcome. Like most untrained dogs on a leash, when a force pulls us in a new direction the first and likely protective response is resistance. As we gain greater experience and knowledge and apply this information to our lives, productive change becomes a welcoming experience.

    • Thank you for the kind words! I do feel more confident in my ability to set and meet goals in my life these days. Of course, these are teeny, tiny goals, but keeping them small is the point. Easily achievable, so as to create winning scenarios in my mind. Everybody wants to WIN, right?

      I once heard: “Where the mind goes, the body will follow.” I’m finding that true, and I’m excited to see where my lil goals will take me next!

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