Dear Doctor

Renza is from Australia.

Renza has diabetes.

Renza has a lot of good things to share about type 1.

When Renza writes, I listen!

Here, I have reblogged Renza’s recent post about her interactions with her PCP.  Its a great read. Please, check it out. Thanks, Renza!

Dear Doctor.

I loved this post when I read it and thought: Exactly!  If only all of us could be so thoroughly honest with our PCP/HCP.

If only…


5 thoughts on “Dear Doctor

  1. She is obviously the unusual patient. I’d rather us the term, when referring to what side we are on, we are both on “our side.” The doctor is a person also. They have desires and expectations, and really being critical is an important quality in a doctor. Unlike the patient, who has this one doctor, this doctor has many patients. It is not the easiest road to navigate.

    • I loved this letter because I think it gives permission to individuals to be honest and open, and even vulnerable with their doctors. I think if we did that more, more of us would be in a better place, health-wise. I imagine doctoring (and surging, if that is a correct term), are difficult occupations. I know I could not do the job. I get sick to my stomach just looking at a scab, and navigating that ocean of different personality types you docs must see each week, yeah, very hard.

      I can’t imagine me searching around inside a patient’s gut or brain? I shudder to think of it. LOL

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