Three Goals Thursday Check & Rhubarb Pie

This morning’s exercise routine?  Milk toast.  I did it, but it was not easy and it was not furious in nature.  I still feel half asleep at 8:30am.  I was wayyy tired this morning when I woke.

Oatmeal for breakfast?  Check.

Reading something good each day about recovery from food addiction. That one has been harder, somehow.  About as far as I have gotten with this third goal is to read my usual blogs.  Not that reading them is a small thing. It’s NOT! Those blogs save me from obsession and acting out many days.  I’m so thankful to you guys who keep your blogs going.  I know it is work, but it is so helpful to me. Thank You!

Yesterday I stumbled with some food choices, but today I came back strong. Oatmeal for breakfast, salad carried to work for lunch.  Some of those donut peaches for mid-day pick me up.

000Peach-donut-peach1Those things are so yummy!!! Have you tried them yet? Do, you won’t regret it.

The kiddos and kidlets will be at the house tonight, a stop over on their way to Lancaster, so supper will be with them.

Last night I spent visiting with some close family, hearing that my SIL was approved for her bid on a new property (Yay), and baking a rhubarb pie for my DIL.  I’ve baked two rhubarb pies the last two weeks, experimenting and trying to find the right recipe for my brother, who is craving a rhubarb cream pie like my grammie used to make.  We don’t have her recipe with us anymore, not sure where it went when she passed, but I am valiantly trying to recreate it from my brother’s memories of her yummy pie.

My first attempt to recreate grammie’s pie was a true cream pie with rhubarb, the filling being done on top of the stove and then put into a baked shell.  This second try is what I would call a custard, not cream pie, because the filling is baked with the shell.  I made an oopsy when putting the filling together on this second pie last night. The recipe didn’t mention the fact that I was supposed take the butter, sugar, rhubarb portion of the pie and fold it into the egg whites I had whipped until after I’d been instructed to add all ingredients. Add means add to what you already have, right?  Ugh.  If I had kept the fluffy egg whites separate from the rest of the filling ingredients untl the end the filling probably would have been frothier and lighter, but I didn’t, so it wasn’t.

That’s what you get for downloading internet recipes and not reading them before starting to bake. 

The good news: I hate rhubarb and don’t necessarily like pie either, so this dessert is a safe bet for me, and a safe way to use my baking skills without worrying that I will fall off the wagon of good eating because of the finished product.  I don’t know who can eat rhubarb and like it, but we shall see what my DIL says tonight. She loves the stuff.  I hope she likes this cream custard version of grammie’s rhubarb pie.

It isn’t really a cream pie if you bake the filling in the oven with the shell, right?  What is your favorite pie flavor?

ps: We usually have epic pie wars at my house whenever I bake a pie, but since hubs is away this week, in Pittsburgh, the most we’re likely to see tonight is a small skirmish.  😉

2 thoughts on “Three Goals Thursday Check & Rhubarb Pie

  1. Growing up, my stove was used to hold paper bags from the grocery store. It also provided some heat during blackout. Apparently, people like yourself use it for cooking. My mother vowed never to use the stove again once she retired. As you can see, I was not raised in a family that baked pies or made cookies. Interestingly, my mother was between 100-150 lbs overweight as I grew up. My aunt was over 250+ lbs overweight. They purchased a great deal of “junk food” that I grew up on.

    • I have to chuckle at your comments on stove usage. LOL. About the other, only sadness. I was there, once, eating all that junk and always wanting more. Today, I try to steer clear of all that processed stuff. I love baking because the good things that come out of my oven, yeah, I know exactly what is in them–good eats. “heat during blackout.” Too funny!!!

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