Busy Weekend

It was another busy weekend in NEPA.

I left work on Friday to shop for hubs, who will be away from home this week.  He has been asked to accompany his brother to Pittsburgh. They left Sunday at 6:15am.  His brother is a very sick and will be undergoing testing this week to see if he qualifies for the heart lung transplant list.  We are hoping and praying they accept him to the program, but can’t help wondering if he is not too sick to tolerate the testing. We are particularly concerned about a heart cath that will be done Friday.  Hubs is anxious, due to the fact he will be dealing with this on his own.  He hates BIG cities.  I know it will be fine, though.  Prayer Changes Things!

I started Saturday morning by saying a sleepy good-bye to that man who makes my life complete.  After that, I cleaned a little and did some laundry.  Then, it was time to shop and wrap–a baby shower was on the docket for later that day.

Around 1 o’clock I picked up mom and we headed out for lunch together.  Sunday was her birthday, but she had a picnic to attend Sunday afternoon, so we decided to do an early celebration, just the two of us.  I took her to her favorite restaurant and we broke bread together.  Yum, Yum.  Italian. Lip smacking good.

After lunch, I dropped mom off at home and proceeded to a baby shower.  The location of the shower was a thirty-five minute drive from home on roads I didn’t know, so I was a tad nervous.  We are talking middle of nowhere, roads. I didn’t know what to expect in the way of surfacing. We live in the country, so it could be paved, could be dirt, could be cow pathy–ya never know.  It was gorgeous!!!  Driving over the hills, the sky was full of puffy clouds floating in a sea of brilliant blue.  I so loved the “alone time” and the quiet.  We women don’t get much of that, or at least this gal doesn’t.  It was beautiful and I enjoyed every minute.

I included a homemade project as one of my gifts for the baby momma.

000baby giftPretty proud of myself for that one.  I customarily start projects but never finish them. This one I did, and on time. Woohoo, ya me!  It’s an original design and I did the painting and gluing myself.  It turned out pretty well, save the few snafus that occurred along the way. Her theme was giraffes.

I got her a bobble head giraffe, too, along with newborn diapers.  What mom can’t use those necessities?

000baby gift 2

I think she liked the bobble head. Who wouldn’t? He’s adorable–or should I say “she.”  The baby is a girl.

It rained a little during the baby shower, but we had tents and a cool breeze, so it all dried out almost as quickly as it came.  I was glad I went, and that I went alone.  Again, thirty minutes back with nothing but the puffy clouds and silence to accompany me.  It was perfect!

My mom celebrated her birthday on Sunday, too.  I took her out for ice cream, my kryptonite, later in the evening, but I made sure that the treat was my supper.  She did the same.  I had also fasted for breakfast, so I had calories in reserve.  Yum and Yay!

I felt good about the food I ate this weekend. Passed up cake at the shower and concentrated on fresh veggies, fruit, and water.  Fasted one meal and ate a salad without dressing for another on Sunday.  I did exercises each day I was off work, and I kept it positive.

All in all, it was a good weekend, but a busy one too.  Not many of my usual chores got done, but with hubs gone this week I can do them in the evenings.  It’s all good, right?

What fun parties have you been to this summer?  What busy days have you had along the way?


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  1. My wife and I recently took Tucker (our beagle) to the mountains for a 4 day getaway. There was a lot of hiking, a walking tour, a new gym for a workout (without time restraints), some fun restaurants, and an interesting bed and breakfast. Met some nice people at the B&B for some porch time talk time. Several people came from multiple states. Nice to hear different perspectives on life.

    Sounds like you had a nice time and successfully balanced your dietary concerns. Good job. I hope all works out well for your brother-in-law.

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