Three Goals Thursday

My three goals for this week shall be:

1.  Continue to eat oatmeal for breakfast each morning, and pay special attention to portion sizes with all foods.

2.  Perform five minutes of exercise before doing anything else in the morning.

3.  Read something positive about recovery from food addiction every day this week.

I feel like I accomplished my three goals this last week. I experienced a few slips, a couple “oops,” and one or two temptations to not follow through. That’s to be expected.  I wouldn’t be trying to develop new and better habits if I already had the behaviors my goals represent working for me on a daily basis.

What I want from this goal setting experiment is…

a.  to develop habits that will unconsciously serve me in life.

b.  to create an Action Plan that is defined and doable, thereby creating winning scenarios that I can celebrate and look back on to fuel future progress in my recovery from food addiction.

c.  to see my goal weight materialize, and be free of some of the daily medications I am currently taking.

I do not think any of these expectations are unrealistic, which is why I am dedicating myself to seeing them become realities in my life.

What are you so determine to do that you will not let anything get in your way?  What inspires you the most? 


One thought on “Three Goals Thursday

  1. I agree with you. Your goals seem very realistic and achievable.


    I have discovered that PASSION in life creates meaning and joy. It gives me a chance to awaken each morning with energy and motivation to begin my day. It puts a smile on my face, yet instills in me the humility to recognize that tomorrow may never come. I live each day with purpose. If tomorrow never comes, I know in my heart and head that I left this planet with greater abundance than I consumed. As a result, I hope the human race would live in a richer world.

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