Three Goals Thursday-Update

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

–Tony Robbins

If you’ve hung around here for any length of time you know that I’m big “into” habit formation.  I love forming new habits.  I love habit because it makes life much, much easier to live. Habits direct our behavior unconsciously, so its important that we build good ones into our daily routines.  I’m on a crusade to build some good habits in me, which is the point of my post today–sharing what I’m learning as I’m setting goals and building habits.

I’ve begun posting three goals each week, on Thursday, right here, and I wanted to provide an update related to those goals today.

My goals this week are:

1.  Eat oatmeal for breakfast every day, and eat a colorful veggie salad at my evening meal.

2.  Exercise for five minutes in the morning each day before doing anything else.

3.  Work at not letting the food others are eating affect the way I eat. 

The results I have to report…

I had one slip with No. 3 this week, but while in the midst of that slip I realized what I was doing and I quit the behavior. I stopped [the most important “take away” here], and threw the rest of the “treat” in the garbage.  This treat had the trifecta of food addict triggers in it: Fat, Sugar ,and Salt aplenty. This was definitely not food meant for me!

I also encountered temptation with no. 2 on my list this week, when I thought for a minute I might skip my morning exercise.  I’m glad to say I exercised anyway. Why? Because it was a goal, which meant it was a matter of integrity for me to follow through with what I’d said I would do. 

Side bar:  Can I say I am loving that these are teeny, tiny goals and only last seven days?  Makes them so much easier to complete and creates win/win scenarios for me to celebrate every day. 

Back to my morning exercise routine: I finished it, and not only that, but I did an additional five minutes before going to bed last night.

Woot, woot. I’m excited to see how these habits are fueling good behaviors.

No. 1 posed a problem for me this week, too.  I say problem, but really, I chose to not eat oatmeal for breakfast one day this week.  It was Monday, I was weak and a bagel sandwich was calling my name. 

Important to me:  The fact that I made a conscious decision to get the bagel sandwich, and that I realized what I was doing and did not feel shame or guilt in eating. That’s huge.  Plus, I only eat half of these sandwiches anyway, since I commute with someone who eats the other half when we stop for breakfast on our way into work.  This time I ate less than half, mostly because it wasn’t that good tasting and I missed my oatmeal. 

Yay!  Taste buds are a changin’.  I have noticed this before.

I also want to report that I skipped no. 1 on Tuesday, choosing consciously to fast for breakfast that day because I knew I would be going out for lunch with a friend.  Instead of loading up with oatmeal in the morning, I waited and enjoyed a greek salad and water at 11:30am.  It was very tasty, and I didn’t feel like I was putting more in my body than it needed.

It’s an amazing feeling to say NO to a meal and not feel bad about it. 

Tomorrow I set three new goals for a new week, and I’m excited to see what they will be.  Staying positive has helped me achieve my goals this week. On my mirror at home I have the three goals posted alongside a note to self that reads:  You’re gonna feel GREAT!!! 

Its kinda amusing how that lil note has helped me stay focused on positive outcomes, instead of the work I’ve put into forming new habits.  I’m seeing winning scenarios developing all over the place.

Do you ever experience a feeling of guilt when you make food substitutions?  What habit have you developed over time that works really, really well for you?

2 thoughts on “Three Goals Thursday-Update

  1. Your accomplishments will continue to fuel your desire to succeed and gain control over your habits. I think you are doing amazingly well. I’ll bet you see a smile on your face more frequently as well as you look at yourself in the mirror with an air of confidence. You deserve it. You’re working hard at this IMPORTANT goal!

    • I feel like I’m accomplishing a LOT through the planning and work that is going into LITTLE, teeny, tiny changes/goals. It feels good to be so focused these days. I haven’t felt that way in a while. I wonder how many others feel like bobbers floating on the waves, but not really going anywhere? I’m not doing that right now, and it feels wonderful!

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