Mistakes, Just Mistakes

I talked with a friend this weekend who I felt was being far to critical of her behavior.  She was isolating because she felt so badly about how she had behaved.  She hadn’t done anything that any of us don’t do from time to time, but somehow, somewhere along the way, she learned to be extra hard on herself.  I can identify.  Here is what came to me as I recalled what we had talked about together.

In the cradle,

On the knee,

We learn.


Everybody makes them, so why are you so hard on yourself?
Why so punishing?



Not machinations or maligning.


Why are you so angry?
Why so unforgiving?

Forgive you.

Forgive them.

Fix you.

Let them fix them.

Take time.
Pamper yourself.

Balance will return if you court Her.


Embrace joy!


Try, try again.

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