Meatless Monday–White Beans and Cabbage Heaven

000super naturalI love cabbage. I love beans.  I love onions sauteed just so, and I love garlic, diced and added at the end.  Oh, and I so love, love parmesan cheese–just a wee bit–sprinkled liberally over all.  Wait, can you add a wee bit of cheese while sprinkling liberally?  Hmm, I’ll have to think on that one.  In the meantime, try this awesome recipe, White Beans and Cabbage, shared from the Steamy Kitchen website and taken from the pages of Heidi Swanson’s cook book, Super Natural Every Day.


I make this recipe all the time, and last week I made it twice. It is super easy and super fast…takes about the same time as it takes me to wash any fruit we are having for dinner and set the table.  Okay, so there is a lil bit of prep time to the dish before cooking begins, but I’m used to that. When you live life as a Flexitarian, you do lots of food prep.  Veggies and raw fruit don’t wash, peel, and slice themselves, but I have found the process of getting dinner ready to be very therapeutic, especially when the food I’m setting before my family or guests is what I know to be fresh, tasty, and so nutritionally charged as to keep their bodies in tip, top shape for at least the next day or two, if not longer.

I try to pull them into healthy eating scenarios whenever I can, cuz I love them!

I own Heidi’s cook book and would recommend it to anyone.  There is some delicious grub on the pages of this volume.  I purchased the paperback copy, so pretty inexpensive, and it was worth every penny just for this dish (the cover art recipe for her book).

Note: I omit the potatoes from this recipe,and sometimes I add a lil turkey sausage, when I have it.  You don’t need it though, I promise.  So scrumptious, I’m salivating as I type this!

What is your favorite veggie packed meal?  How much animal protein do you eat in a week?

4 thoughts on “Meatless Monday–White Beans and Cabbage Heaven

  1. I have mixed veggies often. Red Cabbage, sweet onions, zucchini, green and red peppers, spinach, etc. I only eat fish. No other meat.

  2. I dislike vegetables. I eat 6-9 servings everyday. Sometimes it’s not about what your mouth likes but rather about what your body likes. I make a 5 egg white omelette. Add plain greek yogurt and hot sauce and spread it out on the omlette. I cover the omelette in a light layer of hemp seeds. I steam up 3-4 cups of mixed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, and squash) and place them on top of the omlette. Makes a great dish with a great distribution of protein, carbs and fats.

    Chicken- approx. 2 times/week
    Fish- approx. 2 times/week
    Beans and quinoa 1-2 times/week
    Turkey- 3-4 times/week

    Occasionally eat red meat. I have nothing against good quality red meat, I’ve just never developed a taste for it.

    • I love veggies, almost all kinds, so I have no excuse for not eating them! Never, ever. I’m impressed that you eat that many per day even though you don’t like them. It’s that kinda determination I want for myself. Thank you for sharing what you’re eating. It helps me see where I need to go from here.

      I grew up on a dairy farm in NEPA, so we ate a lot of beef and pork, not much fish. I can eat fish, but when I do I want a nice dry rub on it and baked in the oven. I don’t experiment much with seafood, but I’m pushing myself to do so more.

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