Habit Helps

Got up this morning.

Crawled outta bed.

Did six minutes of exercise, first thing. My joints popped the whole time. What a symphony I performed.  In the past all that popping would have been a reason to stop.  I just kept going, marveling at the human body and how joints attract air and let it go when you say to.  My six was one minute more than my teeny, tiny goal this week required.


Ate my planned breakfast, instead of following the crowd into bagel land.  Rejoicing over all the calories I saved without that sausage patty, butter, and cheese.

Integrity, matters.

Consistency, too.

I need to be a friend to myself and a friend to my goals.

Prayer Changes Things!

What teeny, tiny difference can you make in the world today by being true to your goals, consistent in your actions, and prayerful in all ways?  What teeny, tiny goal are you going after this week?


3 thoughts on “Habit Helps

  1. You’re going to like this new habit of yours. I found it takes about 9 weeks of repetitive behavior to own it. Look for enjoyment in the process and always move “forward.” Believe it or not, attempting to speed up the process to achieve the goals in a shorter period of time does not increase happiness and rarely accompanies long term success. Be the tortoise (Tortoise and the Hare) and win the race… at your pace!

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