Three Goals Thursday Update

It seems like forever ago that I created my last set of teeny, tiny goals for building good habits.  On July 9th I had some pretty easy goals in place to take me through vacation.  You can read about them here.

Tomorrow it will be Thursday again, and another opportunity will present itself for me to set new goals for a new week.  Before I do that, though, I want to report on how I did with my July 9th goals. Remember: I was on vacation July 8-19th, so my regular routine was upset by tons of fun. Still, I think I did okay.

1.  Go for a walk every day.  Nope, it did not happen.  However, one of my lil visitors during the week became my life coach, which was wonderful. Aaron kept me motivated to move when all I wanted to do was sit down.  I was also regularly reminded by PG (Papa God) to do my five minutes of exercise before doing anything else in the mornings. Aaron cheered me on on those occasions.  I did the five most days.  Other times I hiked with the kiddos (Buttermilk Falls, in Ithaca, NY one day), rode my recumbent bike, and played outside, again with the wee ones.

Here are a couple pictures I thought might explain how I exercised during my vacation this year…

Our walk turned into an encounter with the kitty

Our walk turned into an encounter with the kitty

Our area has a huge park/playground that requires lots of climbing, pulling, swinging, and sliding.  Whew, what a work out for me and my hubs.  We were run ragged after a day at the Valley Playland.

Playing hard at the park

Playing hard at the park

If you want to work up a sweat, go to the park.

Guess who is pushing that swing, again, and again, and again--HIGHER!!!

Guess who is pushing that swing, again, and again, and again–HIGHER!!!

2.  Play with my food.  Nope, didn’t do this one very often either, though I did think about it.  I was going to do all these fun things with the kiddos here, making them pancake smiley faces and veggie people on a plate, but it didn’t happen.  No excuses. This goal was not met, period.

3.  Eat baked oatmeal every weekday for breakfast.  This is did many days. I had a few days when I skipped the oatmeal, but not many. I feel confident that I ate it most weekdays, although I will confess I did not track my food very well while on vacation.  I know for sure I ate more carbs than I usually do and drank more coffee than is customary for me. What is it about lounging around with the hot cup of Joe that is so satisfying on vacation? I don’t know, but I sure enjoyed it last week and the week before.

As of this writing my kids are back in the good ole USA and helping out with a family camp in Cattaraugus, NY.  They enjoyed their time on the island of La Ganov (Haiti), and felt renewed by their service to others while away.  They are the boys love camp, so I’m sure they are doing well this week, although I have not had an update from them while they have been camping.

One last update I want to record here is this: I gained five pounds while on vacation, but have taken off four-and-a-half of those as of my weigh in this morning.  I’m feeling good about that, and about the changes that I have made in my life that result in me being able to get right back on the wagon after the parade has passed.  I could never do that before, so I’m claiming this progress as a NSV (Non-Scale Victory) or the greatest proportions and celebrating the fact that some habits I’m forming are beginning to stick.  Yay!

What sticky habits have you developed in your life?  When has goal setting helped you experience your own NSV?

2 thoughts on “Three Goals Thursday Update

  1. Sounds to me like you made tremendous headway. You are much more in tune with thinking about the choices you are making. That is a huge step to traveling down a new path. You also enjoyed yourself in the process. It is easier in life to discipline one’s actions if the process includes real enjoyment.

    Success and achievement is measured in percentages. You will likely miss a day or two eating oatmeal. Recognizing that breakfast is an important meal and starting the day with doing something good for yourself is significantly more important than concern over 2 days of missed oatmeal. The PERFECT DIET is one that includes BALANCE. It provides the nutrients needed and the emotional satisfaction from flavor and taste. Make sure you don’t beat yourself up along the way.

    Remember, gaining control over one’s habits is a key to success. If you want to eat foods for taste rather than quality, plan for it. Don’t wait until your brain tells you it wants it. Choose a day at the beginning of the week where you can eat this type of food or type of meal. When the day comes, if you still want to eat it, go for it! If you don’t want to eat it, pick a day the following week and do the same thing. This process helps people gain control over their cravings.

    Keep up the good effort and work.

    • I really did enjoy the time we had with the wee ones this past week. They are my favorite people in the world, so much fun. It’s a hoot seeing the world through their eyes, and watching them operate as intuitive eaters. Play is a great way to burn calories, too. It’s all good!!!!

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