I’m Baaaack!

I’m back from vacation.  Wow, what a vacation!



Chasing after two wee ones for 10 days was a work-out for this gal, for sure. Too bad I ate things I don’t normally eat while we were together. I probably could have lost weight during this time away from my regular routine, had I not indulged in a few more sugary substances than I normally allow.  I gained about 3 lbs while away, but this morning I went back to my normal eating routine and I am confident the scale will show me progress this week because of it. Besides, vacations are meant to be indulged, right?  As long as that indulgence doesn’t go on for too long, I know I will be alright.

One thing that struck me while I was away from the office, away from the computer, away from my friends, and away from my routine, was the fact that wisdom shared with me by readers of this and other blogs did not slip away.  I carried many of you with me on my vacation.  Your words, your suggestions, the way you live your lives and seek your won recovery stayed with me.  I thought of you when I exercised, when I ate, and definitely in those few moments when I have some privacy, or “alone time.”  There wasn’t much of it, but when it occurred you were there.  That makes me happy. Happy, because…

You guys encourage me! 

The community of smart-minded and health-savvy people I rub elbows with on this blog and other places on the web have had a lasting impact on my life.  Woohoo!  I love that!

You guys make me think.

You make me ponder.

You cause me to question what I’m doing.

You hold me accountable.

You teach me new things.

You encourage me to follow wise counsel.

You check in on me.

You never stop investing in me.

THANK YOU for that!  For all that you do.  Never stop.  I learn so much from you.

You guys ROCK!!!!! 

I’m back and happy for it.  I started today with five minutes of exercise before doing anything else-a goal I am hoping to continue, and I packed my baked oatmeal for breakfast, although I wanted to eat a bagel with egg and sausage.  I decided to let my mind guide my progress, and not my stomach, and I brought a piece of fruit with me to work before logging in here to report my progress and honestly share my weight gain.  I did all this because personal recovery from food addiction means something to me. It means life, health, vitality, and the opportunity to model health for others.  That last one is very important to me; I have family that need this kind of modeling influence to help them get started or stay the course.

Little by little I’m changing.

What changes have you made recently? How have those changes brought you renewed vision or joy?

2 thoughts on “I’m Baaaack!

  1. Took a few days with my wife and beagle and headed to the mountains. I ate anything I wanted including ice cream and cakes. The focus, however, wasn’t on food. We did a lot of hiking and researched the history of the area we stayed. We spoke with people from many areas of the country staying at the B&B we were at. By having meaningful things to do besides eating, one is able to reduce the anxiety over food. It becomes a mere activity rather than a central point that everything else revolves around. It also makes it simpler when returning home to return to a healthier pattern of eating.

    I also recently started a petition to help the public gain better access to more accurate information regarding their healthcare choices. Thank you for reading it and glad you liked it. If you agree with the sentiment and wouldn’t mind signing the petition it will help further the cause. You can find the petition at:


    Thank you.

    Glad you’re back from a wonderful vacation and ready to take on the world again!

    • I already signed the petition. Sharing on FB today. So glad for action items like these. The media is wayyyy biased, to be sure.

      So glad you and yours had a good vacation. We have lots of place to hike near us, but I have never done so. I’ll have to try it. Once I recover from the boys being here, that is. 😉

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