4 thoughts on “TED talk-Anna Verhulst

  1. That was a very endearing presentation. Weight loss has become such big business that success is determined by sales rather than success stories from weight concerned individuals. Weight loss programs, in general, do not address the human component; the underlying cause or causes impeding the process. They address the physical and mechanical impediments. Weight gain is the end result of problems that are potentially unique to each person. To assume a weight loss program can be designed and sold through infomercials and achieve high levels of success is naive.

    In my opinion, a person needs to understand themselves and their needs in life FIRST, before approaching a long term weight loss solution. If this approach succeeds, the result is a combination of weight loss and HAPPINESS. This kindles a positive chain of events that helps further achieve better self awareness and growth opportunities.

    Thank you for sharing the video. I believe many people watching it will feel better about themselves.

    • I agree with you that personal testimony is the best! I love testimony time in church the most of all, because it witnesses to transformed lives and brings hope to others who are struggling. We CAN change, we just need to focus our energies there, and not on repeating the same failed practices (habits) of the past.

  2. The weak link in the raising of a child the same as another is despite the same consistent parenting methods, the response of each child is different to that same input.

    I think it’s all about choices. We can hold onto or release issues that plague us. Some do it on their own, some do it with helpful therapy, and some do not want to let things go because of what they feel they are getting from their apparent suffering, whether they realize it or not.

    • I agree with that last bit you wrote, Dr. J. Some do want to hold on to their apparent suffering (or the mechanisms in life that currently cause suffering). I think they do so because whatever habit is attached to that suffering has served them well in the past, but they don’t know how to let it go and embrace other, more productive behaviors for the future (or today). I hope I’m not stuck in that rut. I want to find new and better ways to approach life. More positive ways, you know? I’m working to make positive changes my current reality.

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