Three Goals Thursday

It’s Three Goals Thursday again!  If you have not read one of my TGT posts, check out the beginning of this process here.

This week’s three goals focus on enjoyment rather than structure, but if I’m creative, maybe I can accomplish both.  Here is what I’m thinking for this week…

1.  I will go for a walk in the morning each day that the skies don’t pour down rain (we are expecting lots of rain this week in NEPA).  If walking doesn’t work, I will do some yoga poses and stretches, and then ride recumbent bike indoors.  I will exercise for at least five minutes each day, but more, as the time allows and I feel invigorated.  See how I snuck some “feelings” scenarios in there?  Yep, recovery is an emotional process, too.

2.  I will play with my food.  Each day this week I will be creative with the presentation of fruits and vegetables, making our dining room table fun and colorful and attractive to eaters who need more fiber and more enjoyment in their meal times.

3.  I will continue to eat baked oatmeal for breakfast each weekday.  I will allow myself other foods on the weekend, if we are traveling, which we might be, but I will eat oatmeal if I am at home. My body loves this stuff at the beginning of the day.

That’s three and they are teeny, tiny, and doable.  Yay!

This week I will also focus on avoiding perfectionism that leads to deadly procrastination.  I will have fun with my goals and fun with my grands.  The boys will be with us all week, while mom and dad go on a short-term missions trip.

What teeny, tiny goal are you willing to set for yourself in the next 24 hours?  What activity do you prefer, but have put off doing for some time because of schedules, travel, time-management issues, or distractions?

4 thoughts on “Three Goals Thursday

  1. If I could just find thousands more like you, I know our health epidemic would slowly be solved. I think your approach and thinking is spot on. Each time I read your posts, you seem to make subtle adjustments that help you successfully move forward in a positive direction. Anyone overwhelmed with the process needs to read your blog site. It is motivational and inspirational.

    Hope the travel plans work out well for you.

  2. g2-da3b6417a69b4775a796470f25f0ea5e says:

    I have an idea for your list. “I will not let the food I make for others or what others are eating stop me from making good choices for myself.”

    • Awesome goal. I will incorporate that in future lists. Thanks! I definitely let the needs/wants of others affect my choices during my recent vacation. Now, back to what I know works for me. Yay!

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