Three Goals Thursday-Update

I wanted to sneak in here early and report on how I am doing with my three goals for this week.  They were as follows:

1. Continue to dedicate 1 hour to food planning and prep.

2. Eat baked oatmeal for breakfast every weekday.

3. Exercise for at least five minutes every MORNING this week, upon rising.

I will say that I have done fairly well this week on meeting my teeny, tiny goals.  I have eaten my oatmeal every day this week, but one. Sunday I fasted at breakfast.  My body loves this stuff. I am feeling so much lighter!

I have also exercised every day before rising. Every day.  You would think five minutes spent in self-care this way would not be hard to achieve, but it is.  Good thing these goals are teeny, tiny or I would be having HUGE problems with them. Go figure.

I have spent some time prepping and planning meals this week, but it has not been organized/dedicated/set-aside time, so I have not counted it.  This leads me to a conclusion about myself. I’m too hard on me.  Let me say that again.

I’m too hard on me.

I share that because I think its true.  I have this concept of achievement that is very specifically defined and I’m finding that when I don’t meet my expectations for how something needs to be done, I feel like I have failed. Like I said, too hard on myself.  I need to lighten up.

I need to remember that all planning is planning, and that all prep is prep.

For crying out loud, Lori, relax. This is not boot camp. 

What I am loving about setting these teeny, tiny goals and working to achieve them is this:  I am learning about me.  How I operate…what I want from me, and what I get from me.

What I can easily do, and what is hard for me.

Last night, I shared in my meeting that as I learn  more about what I enjoy doing, what I am anxious to do, to tackle, and what I am not, I am also learning how to delegate.  I am finding myself more willing to say to others, “I hate this job, would you mind doing it for me?”  Or, “This is really hard for me, but it seems easy for you, can you take over this responsibility?”:

Almost without exception, others are willing to help me out.  I have certain talents. Others have certain others.  Why break our necks working outside our gifting? Why not, instead, invite each other to team up and work together?

This is a decidedly different way of perceiving myself, than anything I have done before. 

Two enemies of goal achievement I have found lurking near by as I have tried to meet my teeny, tiny goals are these: tedium and distraction. 

I’m trying to figure out a way to control these two. For now, I just plow through with what I have committed to do for me, knowing that habits form over time and through repetition.

Just keep going, just keep going… 

That’s the advice I give myself when I’m tempted to delay or I get too distracted to keep my word to myself.  I will continue to focus on staying the course, until such time as I have this all figured out.

How do you deal with the tedious nature of repetitive action?  What one thing would you say makes habit-forming simpler?

Note: I will be on vacation July 8-17, so posts may be sporadic over the next few days and perhaps non-existent. Know I am working on my goals and will be back to share my successes once vaca is done.  Wish me luck while away, and if it is your habit, say a prayer for me. Thanks! L


One thought on “Three Goals Thursday-Update

  1. It definitely sounds like you are too hard on yourself. It requires a greater deal of energy to approach a task with all your muscles contracted in a state of high stress. This state depletes your energy very quickly adding to the stress while attempting to plod forward. Remember, the mind is where success or failure begins. RELAX before starting any goal. If things go well, wonderful. If things don’t go as planned, step back and re-evaluate. Don’t force the situation. There is a reason this particular event is not proceeding as planned. Allow more time to complete a task to help reduce stress. Recognize that conquering failure requires failure to occur.
    Keep your goals very reachable. I personally think you have accomplished a great deal in a very short time. Be proud of yourself!

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