Telling the Truth

000to tell the truthI won’t lie, sometimes this weight loss journey I’m on frustrates me.

Some days its tedious.

Some days I get depressed with my slow progress.

I know I need to step it up.

I know I need to do better.

I know I need to journal, count calories, eat less carbs, be more attentive to exercise, push myself a lil harder.

I know all that, and I do some of it some of the time, but I am not a machine.

Is it okay to say that?

I’m not a machine.

Is this diet fatigue I’m feeling, or just a need to get away?

What I know is that I’m a human woman.

I work full-time.

I have projects to attend to outside of work, too.

I have people depending on me.

I have deadlines and relationships, and cooking, baking, cleaning, and shopping to do.

I have weight to lose. I carry it around all day every day and I’m tired of it!

I’m in a chair, on my bum, five days a week from 8am to 4pm. Not many calories being burned during those hours. I do get up and walk around, sometimes I even take an exercise break, but basically the work I do ties me to a chair.

It is what it is, for now.

While I’m whining, can I say that the aging process is no fun.

It’s not.

Today, I’m tired, and I’m frustrated and I got out of bed on the wrong side, and toyed with not getting up at all.

Seriously, I did!

But then, I got up.

I got dressed.

I got in the car and made the commute I make every week day.

I’m at the desk.

I’m upright.

I’m here, but I’m also far away from here.

I think I’m ready for vacation.

Truth be told, I was ready weeks ago!!!

Just being honest…

Where will you go for vacation this year? Are you ready now?


3 thoughts on “Telling the Truth

  1. (1) One of the things I taught my patients was to channel stress. You want to have a list of options where you can take your emotional stress and “dump” it. I used exercise. It physically tired me forcing my body to be in a state of relaxation. Whatever the activity is it must be capable of clearing your mind.
    (2) I’m GLAD to hear your weight loss is slow. Gradual change lasts a lifetime. Don’t focus so much on food. Find other meaningful things in life that make you happy. If science developed technology that caused the human race to feed itself with IV’s, what would replace food in life to bring you joy and comfort. Answering questions like this also reduces stress.
    (3) On a day you just don’t feel like getting out of bed, think about all those people in life that physically are bound to their beds as a result of disease or paralysis. Just knowing you have the choice will help motivate you to get up and then make the most of the precious little time we have on this planet.
    (4) You have read my articles and probably know me to be proactive. I recommend planning down time or vacation time BEFORE you feel you need it. High energy and enthusiastic is a better way to approach “free time” than stressed out and exhausted.

    Just some thoughts because I care. Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

  2. You know more than enough to know what to do. Why aren’t you doing it? You seem to keep looking for more answers that perhaps you will like better. Perhaps you just need to accept that you are not going to change and just enjoy the very nice person that you are.

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