Three Goals Thursday!

Last week I began a new series of posts titled: Three Goals Thursday. 

Every Thursday I intend to post three personal goals to reach for before the next Thursday rolls around.  This past week I posted three goals that you can read about here.

I succeeded in reaching all three goals last week (which are intentionally tiny, by the way), and I’m psyched about that.  Yay!!

My goal in setting tiny and easily achievable goals is to build a cache of win scenarios, thereby developing confidence and habits that will unconsciously aid me in the future.

Habits drive behavior!!

I wholeheartedly believe that habits drive behavior, which is why I want to establish some good ones that will serve me, instead of me being a slave to them.  I hope you’ll stop by every Thursday to see what I’m up to and how the project is progressing.  I will be reporting on my success as I go through the week and meet each goal.

Here are this Thursday’s goals:

1.  I will experiment with morning egg muffins (no grain in them, just veggies and meat), and will use my bullet at least once to make a morning shake. I’m hoping to build a habit of eating breakfast foods that do not include bagels.  :/

2.  I will spend 1 hour food planning and prepping.  I will allow the planning to be spread over multiple days, if necessary to get me started on a positive note.  I will attempt to view this time as my special time of self-care, when I get to be as creative as I want.  I so want to learn to love this prep time, instead of hate it.

3.  I will walk with a friend on Tuesday evening next week, and try to do something else that makes me sweat one other night of the week.

I’m thinking I need to find some non-food ways to reward myself when I do things I don’t enjoy doing, like walking when it is wayyyy to humid for this frizzy-haired girl to be walking.

What do you do to reward yourself for goals achieved, that is not food-related?  What is your favorite breakfast food?

2 thoughts on “Three Goals Thursday!

  1. I have found that finding something to do to help other people is more rewarding for me. Similar to the concept “giving is better than receiving.” The thought process is a little outside the box, which makes it that much more fulfilling to me. Just a thought.

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