He passed while fireflies flitted through hedgerow fringe.

While morning glories rested.

While bees ceased their buzzing.

He passed while the bright night sky twinkled over NEPA.

While a night light painted haunting patterns on gingerbread walls.

While raccoons foraged.

He passed while cardinals slept, joined by robins, humming birds, and crows.

While a wee one danced down damp and drafty farmhouse hallways on her way to our bed.

While cows lay under sheltering trees.

While the tractor collected dew.

He passed unexpectedly.

He passed quickly.

He passed, and we are numb.

Our lives will never be the same.

He passed on to be with his beloved.

He passed on before us, but will never be without us.

Our hearts are joined in love.

Love is eternal!

He passed and we are offended.

He wasn’t here long enough.

We weren’t ready.

We weep.

We refuse sleep.

We can’t eat.

He passed.