Three Goals Thursday

I’m beginning a series of posts today, meant to help keep me accountable in the area of goal setting and habit formation.  I’ll share my goals for the week here, every Thursday, in the hope of developing a habit for routinely managing and adding to my Action Plan for weight loss and challenging myself.

I’m going to call this series Three Goals Thursday because it sounds like a fun title, and because I want to post goals weekly.  Let’s hope this works for me.

Disclaimer: following Dr. Johnny Bowden’s advice, I will be posting absurdly easy goals in the beginning, so that I can develop some good habits through a series of wins. You can read about Dr. Bowden’s theory here.

First Three Goals Thursday list:

1.  I will hang the chart that my friend and I worked on together somewhere in the house.  It is still laying in the bathroom, propped up against the dresser. My excuse: I’ve been too busy to hang it.  Really?  It has been a busy week, but that busy?  I think not. I will hang it before next Thursday, but not tonight. Tonight is Girl’s Night Out, so I won’t be home for too long tonight before I run out again.

2.  I will begin my new journal this week.  I’m calling it Actions and Outcomes.  The point of this journal is to record the actions I take to recover from food addiction and achieve my goal weight, along with the outcomes that come of taking each action.  Note: Most important to this project is recording only the factual things I know about the outcomes, and not how I might feel about the outcome.  My focus being on, 1. acting in good faith, and 2. not getting emotionally entangled with food.

3.  I will call the gym and talk to someone about the new membership requirements/fees following the sale of the facility to new owners.  I will follow through with plans to contact my insurance company about discounted membership fees provided through them.

Do you regularly set goals tied to your fitness program?  Is goal setting a natural thing for you, and if so, how did it become a part of your routine?


3 thoughts on “Three Goals Thursday

  1. I’m glad you started this, Lori! I hope you find it helpful.

    I once had goals in my work. I achieved them very quickly except for one, and I couldn’t reach that because of how the system was set up. I wanted to be a board examiner in my specialty. At any rate, I am what I call direction oriented, not goal oriented. I’d say I’ve made a few strides in my quest for self-actualization, lol

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