Meyers-Briggs Personality tests

000ESFJ-profile test resultsSo, I completed one of the free Meyers-Briggs personality tests on-line last week. Can you believe they couldn’t tell what personality type I am from my answers?

Ha.  Figures!

I am apparently one complicated lady (read: indecisive even in my test taking).  MB says I’m either an introvert or extrovert, a feeler or a thinker, and almost certainly a sensor and a judger.

Sounds about right.

The confusing thing: The test results were inconclusive in two categories. Why?  I picked the middle ground so many times in answering.

Maybe that means I’m most of all balanced, open to suggestion, or willing to go with the flow.  

I doubt it means that. 

Am I the only one who has trouble answering questions like those posed by the test?

My problem:  They aren’t linked to anything specifics.

For instance, the test asked me to choose between two words, rating higher the one that describes me best.

Words like:

Calm vs Energetic..

Factual vs Imaginative…

Agreeable vs Critical.


Because I’m Indecisive Girl (she’s a super hero who uses ambivalence to temper tempers around the globe), I could see where, on occasion, I might be factual and imaginative at the same time and in matching levels of intensity.  After all, aren’t research doctors both factual and imaginative in their work?

The good ones are!

“Maybe I’m not the best judge of these things,” was my initial thought upon beginning the test.  But then I thought, “Maybe I’m a different person depending on the situation in which I find myself.”

That’s a bit disconcerting. 

The good news: Taking the Meyers-Briggs test last week allowed me to think critically about who I am and how I react to various stimuli in my life.  Yesterday I had lunch with a friend, and as she was sharing an experience she had once when sick and away from home in Florida, I noticed that I felt perfectly comfortable and at peace just listening to her share.  I gave her a few silent cue that I was attentive to her story telling, and maybe said a word or two, but for the lion’s share of the conversation I listened while she shared.  At some point, I thought, “This feels to me like the actions of an introvert.  It also feels like what a looker would do, too.”  I was perfectly content to set back, observe, infer from what I saw and heard, deliberate, then make a decision from the data I had collected, and hopefully comment appropriately.

I have a hard time seeing myself as an introvert, but maybe I am.  Having had time to ponder the possibility, it feels more and more like I am. I know I spend a lot of time in my head.

Some days I feel pretty extroverted to me, and I did the day I took the test, but that was before I had time to sit, think, meditate, and observe.  Now, I’ve decided that when an introvert is required to act in animated ways, even a little, they see that as extroverted behavior.

Pretty sure I’m an introvert.

Have you ever taken a Meyer-Briggs test?  How extroverted or introverted are you on a daily basis?

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  1. lol! I’ve taken the real MB twice. For each of the mayor categories it gives you a percentile ranking on a scale. The most consistent one for me was each time I was 99% intuitive. Others I am closer to the center as you say your results are. I take the opinions of others into account, but in the end, I look within for answers, and follow my intuition 🙂

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