Raw peppers, cukes, carrot stix, and grapes.

1/2 cup cottage cheese.

2 small pepperoni slices.

2 tbsp low fat caesar dressing.

Water to drink.

That was lunch.

This morning I had the first coffee I have had this week.  Had the first bite of bagel all week, too. Neither were all that satisfying, neither were finished.

I’m beginning to work out the hows and whys of doing what I am willing-but-not-wanting to do in my life. 

Met with a girlfriend last night. We talked about super foods, super carbs, exercise routines, eating on vacation, and the rationalizations that kick in whenever we try to regulate ourselves through fasting; fasting of any kind.

Habit is so powerful!

She is trying to fast regarding unnecessary buying. I am trying to fast regarding unnecessary carbs.  We did pretty well this week. She bought something (2 somethings) that were on sale, using birthday money (which doesn’t really count as budget money buying, right?).  I went a whole work week without my morning breakfast of carbs and coffee.  I fasted from any kind of food or drink during breakfast for three of those days.

I came home from last night’s get-together with a renewed energy regarding food planning and goal setting. I also came home with a rather large chart–THE chart she used to lose 30 lbs last year.  I haven’t decided where to hang it yet–its big–but I will hang it. I’m beginning to realize that I need more tangible proof of my efforts, and more of a consistent reminder that I have a goal, that I need to focus on that goal, and that I need to celebrate the milestones reached along the way.

This process is so, so, so humbling!

I don’t want to expand the waistline of this post too much, so I’ll leave it at that right now.  Have a great weekend everyone!

What tangible proof can you point to when assessing if you are moving closer to a goal you have set for yourself?  Who helps keep you motivated and honest along the way to your goal?