BGG Update–JUNE 2015

This update begins with a picture of a tube of wood glue, a “c” clamp, and some blue strapping for ratcheting up BGG while the glue dried on her frame this past weekend.  If you haven’t been around for previous posts on my DIY upholstering project with the Big Green Girl, you might want to check out this or this. 





I saw a suggestion that one use tooth picks to get the glue into the crevices on the chair frame when applying the sticky substance. It worked great for the project and helped tremendously, as we tried to keep the glue where it needed to be, and not dripping down the side of the chair legs.

All those white ties, those strips of plastic grocery bag you see in these pictures, they were mom’s idea.  She thought they would keep that front piece of wood in place while it was drying.  I wasn’t so sure, so I asked hubs to look up any “c” clamps he might have in that overstuffed shed of his.  He came up with the behemoth you see here.  It worked, so we decided to use the clamp, but kept the plastic ties, too. Can’t be too careful when gluing, right?

I want to go on record as being opposed to using a strap that had “j” hooks on it, when working on soft wood, but hubs said it would be fine…it wouldn’t dent the wood on BGG…so use it we did.  As far as I can tell, he was right.

My son helped get ‘er tight. No wobble in that chair now.  It wouldn’t dare wobble now.


Once we got the glue on and the chair strapped, we turned to the fabric.  Mom had some pins at her house, so she traveled to get them. I don’t sew, so no type of sewing notion is to be found at my place.  This chair project does not require sewing, but I hadn’t thought about how we would hold the pattern (the old ripped fabric), to the new fabric for cutting.  Leave it to mom, the old hand at upholstering, to know what we needed.  Too bad she didn’t think to bring the pins when she traveled down the hill the first time, but we don’t live far from one another, so it wasn’t too much of a hardship for her to run back up and get them.  The pins were rusted in some spots, so they were not easy to insert into the heavy fabric. I whined about that, of course.

Here are some shots of the pattern and the new fabric.



As you can see, BGG had a few holes in her when we began, which is why we began. Oh, yeah.  And there is the fact that she was green velvet, and wayyy out of vogue.  The new fabric is whimsical and textured. I love it!


Front of the fabric is on the left in that shot. Back of the fabric on the right.  It was on sale, so I saved a ton when I bought it.

Here’s a closer look:


And even closer…


And still closer…


I moved back and forth between using a flash and not using one to take these pictures, and I’m not entirely sure that either of the close ups, or any of these reflect the true color of the fabric I choose.  Maybe I can take a few pictures outside, once mother nature stops sending us rain and threatening to pummel us with tornados, in NEPA.

It’s pretty wet around here right now, but it was sunny and windy on Sunday when we worked on the chair. So much so, that we were glad to get inside to cut the fabric.

Aside: My grama always said that when the leaves on the tree turn up so that their underside is clearly visible, a storm is brewing. I have always remembered that, and she has always been right.  The leaves on our trees were upturned both Saturday and Sunday, and yesterday we got slammed.

So. Much. Rain. And lightning and thunder, too.

I’m feeling good about the progress we are making on the chair. There have been a lot of active weekends at our house lately; lots to do, birthday celebrations and family card games going on, so it was good to have a some time to work on the chair.  Tonight we remove the strapping and see how sturdy she is after being glued.  Next up, springs!

What DIY project are you working on this summer?  What is your favorite piece of furniture in the house, and why do you love it?