Countdown to the Weekend

It’s been an incredibly busy week this week, which has made it hard for me to think, let alone write anything.  I wrote this second post about habit after work one night and thought I would edit it and post it the next day, but my net book keyboard had other ideas.

Don’t you hate it when you go to hit enter and your finger hits publish instead?  Ugh.

Food wise, its been a rough week.  I’ve eaten too many slices of bread, albeit whole grain and good for me.  Too much of anything is no good, right? I have had too much grains this week and the scale is telling me all about it.

I hear you, trusted friend, and I’m curbing those carbs as I type this.

All week I have been trying to make hotel reservations.  My niece is getting married in two weeks, and I have been trolling the internet trying to find the best rates on a hotel in her area, half way between Pittsburgh and Erie.  Franklin, PA is a small town and out there in the middle of nowhere. But then again, isn’t all of western PA between Pittsburgh and Erie the middle of nowhere?  It seems like it riding down Rt. 80 to get there.

As I have procrastinated on picking one hotel or another, I’ve encountered NO VACANCY signs.  Ugh.  I hate planning vacations!!!  Seriously, I freeze up when making vacation plans.  I don’t know why?  I have the money I need to make travel happen, so it’s not about finance. I think I’m just skeptical about pricing and cancellation options/restrictions at various establishments, and uneasy, not knowing if those traveling with us will actually end up making the trip.  I also suffer from insomnia, so being away from home means I run on little sleep.  I guess you could say I’m just a home-body who likes sleeping in her own bed.  I have to get in gear here, though.  I need to make those reservations today!

I’m hoping to work on my DIY chair project on Saturday.  Haven’t heard much about that lately, have we?  I know, I know.  If I get very far along with the re-upholstering process, I’ll share pictures next week.  Here’s hoping.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

How do you re-energize after a busy week?  What DIY projects are you working on this summer?