Memorial Day Bliss


Memorial Day was a blissful celebration of family at our house!

Translation:  Me and mine laughed together, loved together, and ate together.  On Monday we ate a lot.  Thankfully, I had another person there at the table who, like me, is trying to live a life conscious of food: the good, the bad, and the ugly of it. Having that other at the table with me as I watch others eat what they ate, seemingly without a care in the world, made it easier for me to abstain.  Not easy, but easier.

I think I am coming to terms with the fact that I can no longer approach food-maybe never will again-without thinking about what it will do to me if I eat “that”.  I drank three sips of diet cola on the weekend, and my body immediately alerted me to the fact that it was not happy with me about my choice.  Instant heart burn.  Instant regret.  Instant notice that if I continue, there will be consequences.

Today, I can happily say that I am glad I hear my body when it speaks.

I can with regret say I wish I had listened all those years ago, when it was calling out to me, warning me, asking me to STOP-Dear Lord, Please STOP!

I didn’t listen then. I do know.


How was your Memorial Day celebration?  What fun thing did you do that brought joy into your world?


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Bliss

  1. Believe me, there is a comfortable place beyond food addictions. It’s just that we have to cross the wilderness of bad habits before we get there.

    • I’m on that path right now, knowing things can change for me, but not until I address this beguiling stasis I am in with my current food plan and weight. Reshaping habit is a huge part of the process. Ugh! Why is this so hard???

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