Habits-Part 1

000habits wordleRecently I hear a commentary that got me thinking.  The commentator posed the following questions to his audience:

What do you habitually love?

What do you habitually long for?

What are you habitually loyal to (commitments)?

For what do you habitually labor?

What are your liturgies in life?

I took that last question to mean rhythms, routines, or habits that you practice religiously?

These questions were intriguing to me and fodder for a blog I would like to read, which is why I’m writing about them today.
If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you know that I believe in the power of habit. Habits are formed pretty quickly for me, especially with food, and they are extremely hard to break when they are of the bad variety. Understanding this about myself, I try not to eat the same food too often and I try to mix up my diet as often as I can. Still, I find myself in a rut sometimes.

I think many of us are habitual about our food likes and dislikes, which is part and parcel of the obesity epidemic in our country. We get hooked on high calorie, sugary foods, and develop bad habits that keep us coming back those same foods again and again, even when those foods are killing us.

Today, I thought I would write about those things I habitually love, since this habit of love is an easy one for me to identify in my life.

What do I habitually love?

Food. Proof positive of my love of food and the habit I have with it is the amount of time I spend thinking about food, looking up recipes, buying food, prepping food, and in general handling food. I would say that the time I spend each day on food denotes an habitual love of mood-altering substances, which is why I identify as a food addict.

Good Conversation. I love thoughtful discourse, especially as it relates to building community and learning new skills. I live with some avid talkers, so I don’t say much once they get going, but I listen well and I love, love to entertain witty and intelligent people and banter. I appreciate most those who are not afraid to ask questions with no answers, and who perk up when differing or opposing views are expressed.

Art. I love the visual arts, mixed media, music, dance, you name it. I immerse myself in art in one form or another every day, and I can’t imagine a world devoid of good art. Appreciating what is beautiful is definitely a habit I encourage.

Family. I love my family and am habitual in my attentions to them.

Last, but not least, I have a God crush. It is my serious habit to commune with my Creator nearly every moment of the day. I look to Him for inspiration, instruction, and instigation. Anything good I’ve ever begun in my life or kept doing for any length of time, can be attributed to this habit I have of checking in with Papa God and staying consciously aware of His place in my life. I’m grateful for his gentle strength and encouragement to keep moving forward, especially on those less than delightful days that tests my faith.

These habits I have guide me, and together have made me who I am. I would label them habits because of the amount of time I spend on them, and what they mean to me.

If this were a post about balance, I would have included here those bad habit I also seem to love, but it’s not, so I won’t.

What do you habitually love?  How has that love, expressed on a consistent basis, shaped your recovery and made you well?


5 thoughts on “Habits-Part 1

  1. Of course those are great things to think about. I am only going to answer the last one. I maintain consistent exercise and eating balance regardless of anything. So far anyway.

    • KFFZ: Thank you for commenting. Since this posted, I have thought of other, less glorious things that I love. Maybe I will write about them later, but yes, thought provoking, for sure!

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