The Importance of Moments

Life is not a dress rehearsal!

What we do matters.

What we say matters.

What I eat matters.

How we exercise matters.

I won’t get another chance to live this life.  Fifteen is gone, though she was pretty grand!  Thirty-three has likewise moved on, but there are still moments to be had for me…for you.

Moments to laugh. Moments to love.  Moments to claim.  Moments to create.  Moments when we get to make a difference.

I’m not ready to give up yet!

I want my moments to matter, so I’m focusing on recovery, made possible through eating right and moving more.

If you owned a moment label maker, which moment would you label the best moment of all?  What moment was your best moment today, and why?


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Moments

  1. I’m not good at picking bests, but the moment of falling in love might win.

    Best moment today, was when I galloped a neighbor’s horse in the woods this morning.

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