Taking Control

Sometimes it’s hard to determine what is under my control and what is not.  I’d like to think everything is in some way controllable by me, but that’s a foolish notion.

Reality and Experience tell me that many times I’m not in control.

The notion of not being in control can be both frustrating and oddly calming, depending on one’s present state of mind.

The good news: Not everything about my life is outside my sphere of control. 

I can control what I say.

I can control what I do.

I can control what I think.

I can control my emotions, most of the time.

Truthfully, there are many things that I can control each day and that is where my efforts need to be most concentrated.

Last week, I was thinking about a friend and her struggles to control more than is reasonable for any single mom to take on, which prompted the creation of this graphic:

000Control Graphics

I thought this visual might help her see the parenting issue in a different light.  Maybe then, she could forgive herself for not being able to keep all those balls in the air at one time.  Maybe then, she could see that we are all just human and trying our best, and learning and growing stronger each day.  Maybe.  Parenting can be so difficult, especially when you’re doing it alone and everyone has something to say about how you’re doing it.

This graphic is a help to me, too.  As you know if you’ve been around this blog any length of time, I struggle with food and eating behaviors that want to control me.

Food Addiction: It’s not pretty!

Do you struggle with control issues?  What realistic and measurable steps have you taken to move away from criticisms by others and toward peace? 


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