Let the Mowing Begin

DSC_0011You’ll remember that yesterday I threatened to make the Mr. walk the plank if he didn’t soon mow the lawn.  When I got home he was busy making me happy.

Love that guy!!! 

It’s spring in NEPA and the grass has suddenly decided to grow like mad.  I walked outside this morning to find a pasture full of dandelions. A few were growing near the foundation of the house, too, so I told asked the hubs to get the weed killer out and “take ’em down”.  He agreed he would, but first he had to finish the lawn.

Good man!!!


You’ll notice the Mr. is wearing a helmet and full face shield while mowing.  Ha!  He doesn’t usually go to this extreme to cover himself when cutting the grass.  Having had eye surgery earlier this week, though, he thought he’d better cover up.  Smart choice. When he mows, grass flies everywhere.  I didn’t get a picture of the blades I found all over the porch last night, but believe me, he throws it everywhere.

Mr. looked funny in the helmet on a lawn mower, I must say, but I was glad to have him chopping down the forest of green that we were calling our front yard.  The grass was soooo green and soooo thick.  Must be all that bull gets slung around at home that makes it so.  Still, that emerald covering just beyond my front door is beautiful.DSC_0015

Here’s a shot of the pasture and part of our front yard from the corner of the house, near the driveway.  Pastoral, isn’t it?  We call it home.

Here’s another shot, this time from the corner of the house.

DSC_0018We’re getting ready to begin a curb side project on this front walk. When we’re done it will have a stone path with some kind of cushiony greenery on both sides.  Probably, we will add a little bit of a zig zag pattern to the walk way, too.  I have to do some planning before we put a materials list together and head off to the home improvement center.

Hubs has been working on a stone wall for out back of the house.  We had some tires out there before he began collecting these stones. Tire walls may be red neck and cute, but they are too far out there for us. We like sturdy, natural, and taken-from-the-land type outcroppings on our property.  Hubs loved the previous stone wall (he had built one before the land was cleared to make way for the new house), and has decided to build another.  The chipmunks love these hidey-holes, but so do the snakes. Since we don’t see many poisonous varieties of serpentine life on our property, we are willing to share this piece of it with the slithering creatures.

Here’s a couple of shots of what we’re dealing with out back.

DSC_0019 DSC_0020

That ditch on the side hill is supposed to help with run off in the spring.  It did well this spring, but it looks horrible. I have to figure out some way to pretty it up back there.  We have a lot of rock on our property.  Shale, to be exact.  I’ve begun doing some research on ground cover options.  If you know of anything that grows well with almost no top soil, do tell.  I need all the help I can get.


We love life on the hill in NEPA. This is truly God’s country. 

DSC_0017The weather is supposed to be perfect for outside activity this weekend. We are headed up north for Mother’s Day, though, so improvements on the homestead will have to wait until we’ve filled up our hug quota.  There’s always next weekend, right?

What improvements will you be doing around your house this summer?  What is your favorite spot in your yard or neighborhood? 


2 thoughts on “Let the Mowing Begin

  1. Looks great!! I’ve just finished having some repairs around the outside of the house. My favorite place is outside on the porch or on the swing in the yard.

    • We have a screened pavilion we built with the money my grandmother left me when she passed. BEST $2400 I ever spent!! We lounge out there for hours in the summer and fall. Love it!!! You might be able to see just a lil of it from the picture I posted. I so get why the swing in your yard would be a favorite spot. It feels good to get outside after being cooped up all winter (at least in NEPA).

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