Transformation Thursday

Yesterday hubs went under the knife.

He went into surgery with two broken eyes, and came out with one broken eye and one Pete, the Pirate, patch.

This is his before picture:

DSC_0001Handsome, right?! Hubba, Hubba!!!

This is handsome hubs after being transformed into Pete, the Pirate:



Ha! He was still drunk on Valium when this was taken.

Before this picture, but after surgery, friends met us to share a cup-o-joe and check up on Pete. My salty pirate was st-arrrh-ving by then, so we scurried across town to get him something to eat, STAT! Sitting across the table from our friends, she said to hubs, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this mellow before.

Pete said: Arggghh!

DSC_0005After getting some grub in his pie hole, my pirate felt better. He was master of his own brand of chiseled manliness still, but he was more animated…more like himself. He was having fun with the patch by the afternoon, so we took some pics on the cell phone and sent them to the kiddos in upstate NY, then we recorded a video.

So. Much. Fun!!

One of my “things” is creating silly songs that never get published.  We sang one of them yesterday, with him handling the harmony and adding his own lyrics.  It wasn’t Eminem and Rihanna quality, but I’m glad for that.  They are talented, to be sure, but I think I have the better life. These are the times when I so wish I had a GoPro, though. I swear, I am going to get me one and have him start his You Tube video blog, entitled: I Ate Worse Than That in Nam.

I think he’d quickly have a million fans.

But seriously, yesterday was stressful and because I knew it was going to be I started my day praying that I might be the kinda wife this guy needed me to be throughout the day. Not just in the morning; not just during the procedure; not just at noon, but all day and into the night.

What a challenge!

Still, because I believe in CHANGE, in GOD’S GOODNESS, and in the power of PRAYER, I knew where and how to begin my day to ensure the best possible outcome.

I think I met my goal for the day yesterday, and I think hubs would say I did. He loves meatloaf and 3-cheese mac and cheese, so of course that’s what I promised I’d make for supper.  [I am still too soothed by food and the allure it has for me that I think it’s the same for everyone.  :/ ]  I was right in hubs case though, at least last night I was.  I’m sure the fat load on that meal didn’t help much with the efforts to lower his somewhat high cholesterol, but hey, he’s been taking fish oil for more than a week so hopefully that helped to balance things out.  One thing I know, he had a smile on his face as he ate, and I heard a lot of vocalizations coming from his side of the table as we nom, nom, nom-ed what was on our plates.


This morning we’re back on track in several ways. He’s healing, and I’ve threatened that if the lawn isn’t mowed soon he’ll be walking the plank.  He laughed. I was only half kidding.  Hey, I was super supportive and loving yesterday, right?  The fact of the matter is, the high seas will not manage themselves.  😉

When has that special someone surprised you with a sense of humor in tense times? Do you regularly laugh together with him or her?


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    • He IS a good sport, and a fun guy. You would like him. Everybody does. Mr. loves to laugh, to flirt, and to have fun in the sun. He is gregarious and lighthearted and always up for a joke, but not the mean kind. His personality is the perfect contrast to mine, but he’s reckless sometimes. I tend to be more thoughtful, more serious, and more analytical, but also more hard on myself, more judgmental, and more striving for perfection. He pulls me up, while I anchor him. We are a good match!

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