Treadmills Kill

I was amazed when I read this report about Dave Goldberg being killed by a head injury he sustained while running on his treadmill.

When I work out on a treadmill at the gym I always use the handrails to steady me.  It’s easy to lose concentration and veer off balance, I’ve found.  I like to read while I walk, a no-no according to this report.

My mom has a treadmill sitting in her living room and when the babes come to visit they always use it. They are supervised the whole time, but still.  I will be sharing this story with her.

2 thoughts on “Treadmills Kill

  1. Yeah I read about that. Very sad! I don’t know if that is the whole story.

    Of course I’ve used treadmills, but I don’t really like them and use them as tittle as possible. Did you know they were originally invented to punish prisoners as a labor device?

    • I read that about treadmills. The prisoners powered something, right? Ingenious.

      I heard yesterday that a heart arrhythmia might have been the problem. So sad for his family!

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