Front page news.
Tragic news.
A good man falls.

A mind full of light, darkened.

Disease leads to destruction, finally demise.
Temptation’s done her best; she wins again.
Lives upended.
Youth marred.

A marriage burned. The flames of lust flicker, dancing gleefully.

A church singed in the process.
A career tainted.
Friendships decimated.
Cuffs tighten around strong wrists.

Gavel grinds into hard oak.
Uniforms move into action against a likeable guy.
The clock ticks time-served.
Addition of another name to that awful registry.

Really sad!!!

Don’t take habit for granted.
Don’t let your eyes wander.
Don’t give your heart full reign.
Don’t perpetrate.

The grave opens her mouth to plenty, don’t be her between-meal snack.

Call out to God!
Seek treatment!


Sorrow spills like a river emptying into low lands in the spring.

So much to be sorry for…so much pain…ruination.

Addiction: Deadly, Killer, Liar, Thief!


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