May Goals and April Update

Earlier this week I shared that two things were pressing on my mind. You can read about them both here.  One of the two is a part of my May Goals and April Update posting today.

First the update:

During April it was my goal (albeit unpublished), to do some writing on food addictions and how they affect me, and to work on portion control.  My results were mixed.  I did a lil writing, but got distracted away from that fairly easily.  I worked on portion control and was doing great until April 28th.  On the 28th, and I still am not sure why, I lost sight of my challenge to watch portion sizes.  This happens sometimes.  This, meaning I get ravenous and spend two days fighting a constant and persistent urge to overeat.  It’s almost as if I am experiencing a monthly cycle with fluctuations in hormone levels that make me crazy hungry, but can that be?  I had a surgery that was supposed to take care of all that in 2005.

000hormonesAnyway, this insane hunger resulted in me eating way more than was appropriate for two days.  I hate it when this happens, especially as a challenge is winding down. Ugh. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen every month.

I can’t figure out what triggers episodes like these:

Is it a valid hormone shift?  Seems unlikely, but…

Is it food demons. I’m sure they track me through life.

Is it my habitual eating behaviors returned from vacation? I hope not.

Is it a momentary lapse in food judgement.  I hope so.

Is it the face of addiction, period.  Oh, dear God, I hope not!!!

Will this slip keep me from getting back on the wagon? NO, definitely not.  If I have learned anything from this journey I’m on, it is to try, trust, and try again.

You can never give up and never give in–not if you truly want CHANGE to happen in your life. I do! 

Because I want so desperately to CHANGE, I have set some goals for May that I hope will enhance my efforts to see that CHANGE develop in my life.

The good news: I lost 4 pounds this month, after a long and frustrating plateau. Woohoo!!!!  Gotta keep that going. Pray for me.

May Goals

1.  I will participate in a Fortnight Fitness Challenge, wherein I will walk every day for two weeks with a walking companion.  Hubs says he would like to do this one with me, so we are going to be walking every day for at least 30 minutes, hopefully for the whole month, but certainly for this fortnight fitness challenge.

2.  I will do more writing on how food addiction impacts me personally.

3.  I will blog about how habits affect our lives, using myself as an example. Look for those posts in the days to come.

4.  I will continue to learn how to eat properly, concentrating on portion control and weight loss associated with proper caloric intake.

Check back and see how I do this month, and please share what you’re doing.  Your successes might turn into my successes.  I’m excited!

What challenges are you undertaking for yourself this month?  Are you excited to get outside and walk/exercise during May?  When do you exercise each day?


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