Two more days…

Only two more days and this month will be at its end. This is good for two reasons:

1.  We are that much closer to kayaking season.  Woohoo!

2.  I will be able to compute my weight loss for the month–something I am excited to do since I have finally been able to rock this stale mate I’ve been having with my body.

Eating right, but not losing any weight, sucks!  It just does.

But because I know that quitters never win and winners never quit, I keep going.

I keep eating right.

I keep buying more whole foods than processed junk.

I keep looking at how many times a week I eat out.

I keep blogging.

I keep attending my Monday night meetings.

I keep thinking everyday about being sober where food is concerned.

I keep striving for the ultimate refinement of my palate and my program.

I keep on, keeping on.

Success: That’s what I want! That’s what I’m working to have for me.  That’s what I will NOT give up on.  Not ever!

I believe in change!

In what area of life are you keeping on, keeping on right now?  Why is your goal important to you?  What is your toughest challenge to date?


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