Danger Zone

000cholsteralHubs got the results of his blood work in the mail yesterday.

Ought oh, his cholesterol is elevated; 208

He said: Guess I’ll be going on a diet.

I said: Uh hunh.

He said: What do I have to do to get my cholesterol level down?

I said: Eat more fresh fruit and veggies. Eat less Texas Hots. Eat more oatmeal and Farro, and other whole grains.  Eat less milkshakes and fish sandwiches from Mickey Ds.

He has access to wonderful, healthy, whole and home-made meals at home and is only occasionally asked to eat chinese take-out or subs (no mayo or oil, please), but until now he has fussed about giving up his junk food.

We’ll see how this goes…

Next up: My blood work, at end of month.  Hope its better than his.  :/

Do you keep track of your blood work while dieting?  What junk food do you hate to think about giving up?


5 thoughts on “Danger Zone

  1. A 149 HDL is amazing and unlikely. Greater than 40 is considered normal. 149 is probably the LDL.

    HDL is considered “good.” LDL “bad.” But it’s not really that simple. They all play a role in health.

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